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3G Microcell Not for Business Accounts??

3G Microcell Not for Business Accounts??

I currently manage a business account with approximately 20 3G iphones. Thus my login is a premier login.


One of my co-workers has terrible service at home and wanted to have a 3G microcell installed.


After purchasing one yesterday and attempting to get it activated, I was finally told that the 3G microcell is not currently available for business lines. Only someone with a personal ATT line could activate the 3G microcell.


This employee does not have a personal cell phone (only the business line) and not allowing the 3G microcell to work for business line is a very poor choice.


If and/or when another carrier begins to carry iPhones (everyone here loves them and won't switch), we will likely change unless ATT comes up with an appropriate solution.


Just wanted to let all you business line users know that the 3G microcell will not work as it stands today.

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Re: 3G Microcell Not for Business Accounts??

Says who? How? Where? I just tried 3 days ago and it didn't work. Figures that as soon as we accept that fact and move on it gets "Resolved". Ugh.

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Re: 3G Microcell Not for Business Accounts??

After you login to the premier site, go to Manage, and then find a primary number you want to register the microcell under.


At the bottom of the "View Account Information" page for a specific phone number, there is a section that says "ATT Microcell, get started".


That's where you click to register the device under a business phone and login.

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Re: 3G Microcell Not for Business Accounts??

If they do not allow the 3G microcell for business customers there is an easy solution for this. If you know anyone with a personal account you can easily add multiple microcell to their account. The Microcell doesnt require a plan so this will be free for that person. Once you add it anyone can use it as long as you have added their number to the authorized list. If you do want a unlimited plan... please call customer service and add the unlimited microcell calling to ur business account. This will work even tho the microcell will not be directly activated to ur business account.

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Re: 3G Microcell Not for Business Accounts??

The MicroCell IS available for businesses now. There's a link on the main MicroCell page to

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Re: 3G Microcell Not for Business Accounts??

Nice, however still not a great solution.  Your still limited to only 10 authorized users.


It would be better for small businesses if you had the option to openly allow anyone with ATT to access it.  This way anyone (up to 4 people at a time) could access like at doctors offices, conference rooms, or other small locations.  They could also have the 10 people listed on the account to have priority over everyone.  So while you might have it open publicly it will still be available for the most important people identified.

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Re: 3G Microcell Not for Business Accounts??

Has this been addressed yet? I just started working for a company with a business account with AT&T and several hundred users all across the USA. I work from home in Seattle and have terrible service and want to get a Microcell but I'm pretty sure I can't activate it.

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