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3G MicroCell error 102 resolved and wanting to share info.


3G MicroCell error 102 resolved and wanting to share info.

I had trouble from the 21st of Aug until today trying to get the microcell to pick up my address. My issue has been resolved. If anyone is having the same problem here is what you should do. I first checked with my 911 center to make sure my physical address was correct, they gave me a paper to take to the post office with proof of address. I didn't wait on the post office to put it in the computer because it would have taken a week, instead I went online to and registered with my physical address.
I then called AT&T and asked them to find me on their map. My ordinance was miles off in their system and we worked together until my house was located she submitted the address, longitude and latitude of my exact location. It took about 24 hours, maybe a little more and it works great. I now have 5 bars on my phone. Finally got it working and it is great. Good luck and hope this helps someone else.
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