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3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections


3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections

Based on the numerous threads here, it's obvious a lot of folks have had issues getting their 3G MicroCell activated using their home address.  The MicroCell relies on your address and your GPS coordinates for two key geolocation checks at activation, one to make sure that AT&T has licenses for wireless spectrum where you are and the other to make sure AT&T has the proper infrastructure in place to support E911 routing in your area.


It would be very unlikely that AT&T would not have spectrum, so when any of us are running into activation issues, it's almost always due to one of two things: either AT&T has not yet coordinated with your local 911 Dispatch, or they have and your current and correct address is not in the third-party database they use.


I know a lot of folks on here recommend that you use a nearby address.  I actually had an AT&T representative suggest the same, and that was how our 3G MicroCell was running for several weeks.  This is not how it is supposed to be.


AT&T has a procedure in place to have your address added or updated in their E911 database.  You, I, and everybody else here knows it's nearly impossible to get that done, but it is possible and you should make sure it is done.  You never know when, heaven forbid, you might have dial 911.  The last thing you want is to end up waiting, wasting precious minutes, while emergency responders are dispatched to the wrong address.  Call 3G MicroCell support back and tell them a ticket needs to be put in to have your address added to the database.  It should take no more than a week.  If you can't get someone to help, call AT&T's executive response team:


Eastern States 877-707-6220

Western States 800-498-1912


I've tried my best to make them aware of this problem, and of the fact that these issues are affecting a lot of MicroCell customers.  They don't seem to be willing or able to address it systemically, so until they get their act together — or until they're forced to get their act together by some regulatory body (more likely), you'll probably have to fight case by case.  I realize the AT&T bureaucracy can be maddening and overwhelming, but this is one time you really ought to make sure you get AT&T to follow through.  Good luck.


(Last but not least, if you have or haven't had success in getting your address added or updated, if you'd be willing to share your progress here, it might be helpful for others...)

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Re: 3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections

Quite ridiculous that it would take over three weeks of running around in circles, but I'm glad you were finally able to get the issue resolved.  Hopefully that helps provide a little bit of hope to anybody else who happens to run into this problem in the future...

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Re: 3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections

I talked to AT&T and they told me they didn't have the ability to unblock GPS tracking. Any idea who you talked to and can I talk to them? I have been trying for a month to get this thing to work and so far nothing. Thanks

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Re: 3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections

They really don't need to do that. What they need to do is correct their geolocation database. That's the database that translates your postal address into GPS coordinates. These databases are notoriously inaccurate. AT&T ought to know that and have a procedure in place to handle situations where errors prevent successful activation. The error message that indicates a location mismatch (that is, the GPS reported by the microcell is outside the allowable error radius) really ought to be completely unambiguous and be only caused by one of two conditions:


1. The user has entered the wrong address for where the microcell is actually located; or

2. The geolocation database entry for that address is wrong.


There is simply no other possibility. Diagnosing the problem should be trivial. Resolving it should be a matter of looking at the coordinates the microcell is *reporting* in Google Earth and verifying that that spot is what the customer says it is and then setting up some sort of override.


Really, this is just trivial. There's no excuse for AT&T not getting this right.


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Re: 3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections


wvsnowman wrote:

Well I come posting this after reading and have been facing the same problem since Sept. 9th . Have 3 Solid Lights and 1 Blinking 3g light.


As long as you don't live in Pocahontas County, you should be able to activate.  If you're getting the address error, I'd recommend trying the executive office number listed earlier in this thread (since the MicroCell support hotline has since been disconnected to keep us pesky customers from bothering the customer service staff).  Tell them you need to reach a MicroCell support specialist to get your address added or corrected, and that you've had no luck getting to the right folks on your own.


Good luck.

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Re: 3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections

I never had any problems using Sprint Airave network extender before my company switched to AT&T to save money. Now I've had this microcell thing for months with way too many calls/emails to Premier tech support, the AT&T account rep and numerous reboots and reinstalls and still no service. Still getting 102 error after every activation confirmation.

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Re: 3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections

Gosh you're lucky; because they told me they couldn't disable it...hopefully they will get mine fixed.

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Re: 3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections



Yes, I'm having the same problems.....they only good or bad thing is I AM AN EMERGENCY WORKER (PARAMEDIC)...I was able to give them my ACTUAL GPS coordinates that 911 has on file....AT&T's coordinates are ONLY 16-17 miles


I did have a friendly lady named Susan from my state that stayed on the phone with me for over an hour trying to resolve the issue...SUSAN went above and beyond the call; but unfortunately bureaucracy prevailed and i'm wait 72 hours on a ticket (of course this is saturday; so weekends will be added to that) and maybe, just maybe they can "fix" it.  I'm just trying to figure out depending on the databases they are using that since I gave them my landline number as well; which i know correctly brings up my 911 address if i call 911; that AT&T's system is showing me 16-17 miles away????????   Wish someone could explain that to me.


And considering my husband's an engineer we knew more than our fair share about coordinates....maybe AT&T should give us jobs on the


Good luck to all those that follow me...will keep you updated on the progress....oh btw...we actually tried setting this up on Friday night but of course customer service was closed by the time we got home with our unit; so the errors we had on friday night had to wait until 9 am saturday....Smiley Sad

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Re: 3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections

Gosh you're lucky; because they told me they couldn't disable it...hopefully they will get mine fixed.
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Re: 3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections

I went through this today with a rep.  I was having to put in a address that was "close to me" when I tried to register my Microcell.  Well the address it was making me use was 2 miles away.  So I gave her my long/lat coordinates and she said that teir 2 was building my profile so that I could use my address and they did.


But afterwards I still have not been able to activate my microcell, that all the sudden stopped working a month ago.  I have 3 solid top lights and my 3g light just blinks on and off. 


I've spoken with ATT on 6 different occasions and they continue to tell me that its my FIOS router blocking the microcell from communicating. 


Any suggestions?

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Re: 3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections

Well, I've spoken the reps again today as well; only to find out after 48-72+ hours that they actually closed my case on Saturday, due to it being sent to the wrong department....thanks att after talking to 3 reps on Saturday; of course they were suppose to notify me when my case was closed & fixed; didn't hear anything other than a call saturday night for a followup thinking it was fixed, but then the rep said, "oh, I'm sorry, they've already opened a case on this; i didn't see that before i called and that's all i can do".   So now I've had to call my local 911 again and get the coordinates.


Of course, working as  paramedic and with 911; i recommend us sticking to our guns requiring att to correct the gps coordinates in their databases; because should you have to call 911 using your cell in your house, it could mean the matter of life and death; especially if you live in a rural location and/or your home is hard to find.   I've been with a couple 100 ft of a residence and not be able to see or find it, due to roadsigns missing or drives/mailbox numbers missing or covered up; but i can look on the gps in our units and see where i'm at and where im suppose to be if everything is correct in the system.  The problem with my microcell coordinates and 911 address in att database is they have me over 16 miles away from where i'm actually located....which definately could mean the difference between life and death.


I'm now being told i'm going to have to wait another 72 hours (which will make it one week total) and that they've already given me as much "credit/airtime" that they can for my troubles; but of course it doesn't change the fact of $20/monthly service and $199 for the unit....guess i'll just wait and see!   Smiley Sad~

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Re: 3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections

well we're almost finished with week two without getting the microcell activitated...the only good thing is the customer reps are feeling very sorry for us and are empathetic...


the "estimated time for repair" was Monday, so I waited and called Tuesday; another 30+ minutes on the phone trying to figure out what was going on; another manager getting involved and I called back today and we are still at a normal priority without an end in sight. 


What is really furstrating is that from my understanding from this forum; att knows what the problem is and several people are having the same problem; and from my understanding the solution is as simple as someone putting in the correct coordinates in the database. 


Because of my position in EMS; I know that E911 has the correct information - now google; mapquest or whatever att is using may not be close, but windstream (my local telephone carrier) and 911 can find me....maybe I need to head up a search party for att?


Very Sad Smiley SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley Sad

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Re: 3G MicroCell activation, E911 address corrections

It's just so laughable. It is absolutely obvious to anyone who works with geolocation that the databases that convert from addresses to geographical coordinates are woefully inaccurate in many cases and that if you have a service that relies on validating location by address via GPS that you're going to need to handle the myriad of exception cases that come up.


This is yet another issue that AT&T refuses to provide a systematic, nationwide procedure for.


Any AT&T rep handling a Microcell issue ought to be able to query the Microcell for its location (assuming it's not having GPS reception or network connectivity problems). It should be entirely trivial to validate that such a location is with AT&T's service territory, which is really all I'm sure that AT&T cares about. I am unconvinced that Cellular E911 relies on a postal address rather than being coordinate based, since cell phones often must be located in emergencies in places that have no addresses or where addresses are not sufficiently unambiguous. Rather, I am convinced that the real reason that the Microcell has a GPS receiver inside is to validate that it does not leave AT&T's service area. I further believe that they ask you for your physical address at registration time both to pre-validate this fact, and to assign your Microcell any regional configuration variations that may be required depending on where is.


Of course, since AT&T refuses to talk to anyone about anything, all anyone can really do is speculate, but I don't see any wiggle room in that speculation that explains why AT&T is handling these situations so incompetently.


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