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2GB data plan not applied


2GB data plan not applied

I did not have a data plan until I added one this past week, when I added the 2gb per month data plan and purchased a smart phone (Samsung Captivate). I just got the phone on Thursday. The phone has worked great. I've used just under 7MB of data, however I just got a text from ATT telling me that I had exceeded $50 in data charges. This seems to suggest to me that the data plan which I signed up for has not yet been applied to my phone. Is there a delay in when a new data plan gets applied to an account?  And if so, why in God's name would ATT not INFORM THE CUSTOMER of that at the time of purchase?

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Re: 2GB data plan not applied

Hmm, that does sound strange. The data plan is required when a smartphone is purchased so that seems a bit unlikely.

I had a similar issue with my smartphone, but luckily I caught it early. I believe this issue may be similar. It could be that when you exit Internet for example, it is still running in the background (multitaking) so it is still consuming data. To assure the application is closed,  [press Menu then go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Tap the desired program > Force stop.

I would also call Customer Care for them to take a look, but I believe mutitaking was the culprit here. Smiley Wink

Hope that helps! 

~Sunshine Smiley Happy
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Re: 2GB data plan not applied

It is also possible that if you added the feature mid cycle your data was prorated.  This is a fairly easy fix and they can just backdate it.  often they can even adjust the usage.  However you might want to check on what you're using the phone for...if you've already gone over by 50$ then you've used 5GB which is over the 2GB limit anyway.  Just remember..wfi is your friend especially if you are streaming music or videos.  But like the last poster said..just call them and see what you can do Smiley Happy


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