2 questions about $2 a day plan. What's a day?


2 questions about $2 a day plan. What's a day?

I read everything that came with my GoPhone, went around in circles on your support website, and these questions definitely weren't covered in the very limited options at 611 help.

I have the $2 per day of use plan. I bought my phone at an AT&T store in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Question 1: What exactly is A DAY? The rep at the store was unsure, and I thought this would be covered somewhere in the info received with the phone or on the site, but nope. I notice in my online account history that the times of my charges are in CDT (central daylight time) even though my phone is in an area code (269) that is completely in EDT (Eastern daylight time). Is a day midnight to midnight? For which timezone? Or is it 24 hours from the first $2 charge?

Question 2: Just to make sure, will I be charged to check my voicemail from another number?



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Re: 2 questions about $2 a day plan. What's a day?

Hello fellow Michgander. Smiley Happy

I would consider one day from 12:00 midnight, all the way to 11:59 P.M. I would think that 12:00 A.M. starts a new day. So, overall, a period of 23 hours and 59 minutes. Not exactly sure which time zone it would be according to your account history being Central Daylight Time. It may very well be 24 hours in between from the previous $2 charge, but again, I'm not completely sure. Feel free to disagree with me on this. Smiley Tongue

As for question number two, I have also wondered this and thought about trying it.

I hope this helps answer your "day" question.

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Re: 2 questions about $2 a day plan. What's a day?

I did some more digging and found this buried in the plan terms. Cut and pasted from AT&T's site:


"The day for purposes of the daily rate plan charge starts at midnight and ends at midnight based on the time zone in which you are located when you make a call, use IM or send a message. "


I still am wondering why the calls show in my online call history as CDT when I live in and bought the phone in EDT and have only made calls and texts from EDT. It's 269 in Michigan which is the extreme southest of the Lower Ppeninsula. Only four counties in Michigan are in Central time; the four easternmost counties of the Upper Peninsula.


And yes my phone is displaying the correct local time.


So I have found an partial answer.


Also, no charge to check your voicemail from another number! Hurrah!


I have yet to find a way to talk to a live person about the question except going back to the AT&T store, but like I said the sales guy I talked to didn't know about this midnight to midnight rule, he thought it was 6am to 6am.

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Re: 2 questions about $2 a day plan. What's a day?

If anyone from AT&T reads these forums, you should know I had to go to the shopping site to find this info. There is no link from the GoPhone support site (I went back and checked), and it wasn't in any of the documentation I received with my phone. I read it though The booklet said a lot about per minute charges but nothing about per day plans. I wonder if there was a brochure the sales rep should have given me with the plan details.

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Re: 2 questions about $2 a day plan. What's a day?

If what you found was indeed posted on AT&T's website, it must be from 12:00 midnight until 12:00 A.M. I wouldn't think they would be lying about it publicly on their own website - so it must be true.

You can contact a live customer service representative by simply dialing 611 from your GoPhone. Once you arrive at the Main Menu, say, "more options", and after that, "customer service." Keep repeating "customer service" as much as necessary until the IVR system gives up and transfers you to chat with a live representative who should be able to tell you if the website is correct or not about the "day" question.

An alternative to contact AT&T's customer service is by dialing 1-800-331-0500.

May I also add that I'm glad that checking voicemail from another phone is free. Thanks for the info!

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Re: 2 questions about $2 a day plan. What's a day?

The "day" starts 12midnight and ends by 1159pm, and this follows your local timezone. Please don't get confused as you will see on your account history online at att.com/mygophone that timestamps would show in Central[CDT] as this is to make the records uniform for all gophone customers. But then again the charging of the 2.00 fee is based on your local time zone.

Checking voicemail on another phone will not charge you on your gophone account balance. You call your number from the other line, and of course your gophone will ring. do not answer the call on your gophone and after few rings, you will hear the Voicemail greeting. Press * or # to interrupt the greeting and then put the voicemail password, that will bring you to your voicemail messages.
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Re: 2 questions about $2 a day plan. What's a day?

Anyone know if you get charged for the day if you receive a text message? Or if you get one, but do not open it?
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