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2 iphones on one computer


2 iphones on one computer

So I have a new iphone 4 and gave my wife my 3G how do I set up 2 different itunes accounts on the same computer when I set her 3g up It put all my contacts and apps on her phone even though I did a restore as new as I wanted to wipe the phone and start from scratch with the 3g and for her to have her own account. I hope there is a easy answer I am not all that good at computer stuff I just get along a little at a time.

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Re: 2 iphones on one computer

Sorry i did not say I have A PC

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Re: 2 iphones on one computer

a couple ways to go about this would be...


itunes allows for multiple libraries if you hold down the option key (mac) or alt key (pc) while starting itunes prior to connecting phone).  once itunes recognizes your action, it will allow you to pick a library, or create a new one.


you could also set up different user accounts on the computer.  each account will have it's own itunes.  depending on which phone you want to connect to the computer, just be sure to login to that account


hope that helps

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Re: 2 iphones on one computer
More detailed instructions.
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