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2 bad HTC Jetstream tablets???


2 bad HTC Jetstream tablets???

1st Jetstream worked great for about 2 weeks.  Yesterday took out of airplane mode after flight and tablet started rebooting randomly on its own, also seemed slow to reboot.  Tried various settings with Mobile Network and WiFi and same problem.  Swapped SIM card at store and problem still existed.  Did a factory reset and removed all data and programs and still reboots.  When on phone with HTC support tablet was in endless loop of rebooting and restarting without doing anything, just watching it.  At one point could not even get tablet off.  Determined tablet must have hardware issue.

This morning issued RMA to use if store would not exchange.

Returned tablet to ATT store for replacement and received new tablet and new SIM.  Seemed OK for time in store and short time, but then started up with new tablet.  Now tablet reboots and restarts randomly when using it.  At this point there are no programs on it besides default AT&T programs and no data, factory loaded software. Seems to occur with Mobile data network or WiFi active.


As of latest troubleshooting, problem does not seem to exist when removing SIM card.


Any ideas???

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Re: 2 bad HTC Jetstream tablets???

If you've done a factory reset, there is not much else you can (or should do).  If it won't run correctly "clean" (after a factory reset) then it would in fact appear to either be a hardware, or the ROM itself is damaged (and not something you want to mess with if you are still under warranty, especially the 30-day exchange period).  If may be a bad batch.  If I were in your position, I'd try to exchange again and hope for the best.

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Re: 2 bad HTC Jetstream tablets???

Sometimes, the third time is the charm! 


I had a different device on a different carrier and went through three devices before I found the one that was just right.  One thing that I would recommend is going to a different store.  I went about 20 miles from the store where I got the first two devices to get my third device.

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Re: 2 bad HTC Jetstream tablets???

Problem is that unit was at 18 days and in store exchange policy for tablets is 14 days so store already made an exception. When I called said for next one I would have to go thought HTC for warranty repairs. Did find others out in several forums who are having the the same problem. One exchanged for second unit and had second unit bad too. It seems that this problem only happens when AT&T SIM is in for 4G data, when removed and on wifi reboot does not occur.
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Re: 2 bad HTC Jetstream tablets???

It seems that others are having the same issue, with no solution yet:


They are coming to a similar conclusion, something having to do with the data connection, possibly location based.

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Re: 2 bad HTC Jetstream tablets???

For additional reference, I'll add my brief experience with the reboot issue from here.


"I've had my Jetstream for about a month so far and have only encountered behavior like that once. On the morning of 19 October, I fired up my tablet in one of the terminals of Logan airport and was surprised to find the status bar indicating that I'd connected to a gen-u-ine LTE network. To my knowledge, it is not yet available in that market -- at least not officially. This was also the first and only time I've connected to a LTE network. The tablet immediately went into a reboot loop where it would restart every few minutes until I put it into airplane mode, after which it worked normally. I've not had this problem since, connecting either to my home network, aircraft wifi, or to a HSPA+ network."

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Re: 2 bad HTC Jetstream tablets???

FYI, an update to issue...


Following reboot problem, removed SIM and starting using on WiFi only as AT&T referred to HTC and HTC was "working on the issue"


No problems with tablet on WiFi as long as SIM was not installed, used for about 7-10 days this way.  Guy on another forum in Chicago area posted he was tried again with SIM and was able to keep his running for a day, so I put SIM back in and started using it with SIM in on both WiFi and 4G LTE.  Now, 10 days later, no reboot, no problems, yet.


Notified HTC and they said they were still working on the issue and had not issued a fix yet.  As far as I can tell, no software fix has been made and no hardware fix was done.  Could not even get tablet to connect to check for software update without SIM, so I don't believe anything was done to alter software.  Problem just mysteriously vanished just as it appeared.


No response from AT&T to the problem or my emails about the lack of ability to use data plan that was paid for for the 2 weeks or so when this was happening and when I had to remove SIM to use at all.  Also nothing about the screen protector I purchased, installed and used for a week before it was turned in with my first "defective" tablet which probably had no hardware defect.


My store manager did follow up and has been as helpful as he can, but seems to be in dark as to the problem or if there was a resolution or fix.  No word from HTC or AT&T in over 2 weeks. Is it fixed or not, no one seems to know, just keep my fingers crossed.



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