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2 Separate Accounts - Upgrade Question


2 Separate Accounts - Upgrade Question

My wife and I are on a family plan.  We both have iphone 4s and right now currently would like to upgrade to the 4S.   As usual, my phone number is available for an upgrade at this time but hers is not until the end of February.  We had a truly educational discussion with our AT&T rep about the factors and since all the services are attached to my number, that's why my number got the early upgrade. 


We don't agree since if you split the bill in half, we both would be paying well over $100 each (my wife travels internationally and has world call features on her 2nd line).  But, while I don't agree.  There isn't anything I can do about it. 


So, we still both want to upgrade.  My wife's work does require her to have her own must be a blackberry so she has a 2nd phone number and a whole separate account for her blackberry phone.  It is eligible for upgrade right now. 


I know that within a family plan, any line can take the upgrade when one is available, even if it isn't the main number, as long as it is just one. 


But, my question is, can my wife purchase the iphone 4S with her other account and phone number but when registering it through iTunes, just set it up with her phone number that is in our family plan?  Technically, her name is attached to both accounts, but my number just happens to be the main number on the family plan. 


We're just trying to make something work so that she doesn't have to wait until the end of February. 


Thanks in advance for any information or advice. 



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Re: 2 Separate Accounts - Upgrade Question

Wow alot ot twists but makes sense at the same time. All I can say is, even on a fam plan when one phone is ready for upgrade and you use the upgrade on a second number thats not yet "upgradable" in itself, both lines receives a new upgrade date later out. As far as splitting the fam plan into individual accounts to get the upgrade....i donno how that will turn out
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Re: 2 Separate Accounts - Upgrade Question

Hi.  Thanks for the reply.  I appreciate it.  I wasn't aware that the next upgrade will be further out because of the use on the other number. 


I want to clarify my points so maybe they are simpler to understand. 


I am not trying to split our family plan into individual plans. 


My question is this:  can my wife use her account that is tied to her work (she owns the account though) to upgrade her phone.  (It is eligibile)  But instead, use that phone for her other phone number that is in our family plan.  (that we aren't splitting up). 



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Re: 2 Separate Accounts - Upgrade Question

Oh, so you are wanting to use an upgrade on one account (in her name) for a line on a different account (separate from her work account). I dont know if upgrades work across accounts even when her name is on both... Have yo given csr a chat?
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Re: 2 Separate Accounts - Upgrade Question

Yes.  That's correct. 


No, we haven't given a CSR a chat.  No offense to anyone, but phone reps are generally not the most well informed or pleasant to deal with.  Even giving the same information, the store reps are generally friendlier and look for options.  So, I'll stop in today. 


thanks for your help. 

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Re: 2 Separate Accounts - Upgrade Question

Hey, and dont forget to log in and post your results! Smiley Happy
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Re: 2 Separate Accounts - Upgrade Question

I promised I would log on and post results so I am doing so.  


It basically takes a leap of faith of the manager of the store, most of which are infinitely more helpful than the phone reps.  My phone was ordered.  And the manager basically couldn't direct fulfill from the store because of the business account but will hold one of the ones that come in for inventory on the 14th, upgrade her account manually through calling the business team and mark her business account as upgraded.  Then, they would just activate her new iphone 4S on our pesonal account. 


The manager was beyond helpful.  Understood the issue perfectly, explained the work around and made it work.  Recognized us as good customers and made it work.  Plus, we weren't given anything.  Both accounts eligible for upgrades were upgraded.  and the one that wasn't, wasn't.  He just made it work to apply the phones to the places we wanted them but since we were owners of both, it just took a little manual work around. 


Good customer service, sadly, seems to be an individual effort and not an overall mantra of the company. interesting thing is that they changed the upgrade formula, he said.  There will no longer be tiered upgrade dates based on revenue.  Everyone will get 20 months.  Bottom line.  He said the change was made a few months ago, but wasn't really public. 


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