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2.1 Update might come out with Multitouch update.


2.1 Update might come out with Multitouch update.

It seems that only hope for 2.1 is when the multitouch update comes out in early March. I have read news from Sony Ericsson about this and they have mentioned that 2.1 should come to AT&T by the update. I've also heard that they might not get the update because AT&T might be making way of the new Xperia Arc which comes with 2.3 Gingerbread, which coould explain why AT&T might pull the X10 in March. So far, the only hope is to debrand and flash the phone to a generic 2.1 ROM. For help on that, go to xda developer forums or send me an email at (personal content edited) and I will gladly assist.


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Re: 2.1 Update might come out with Multitouch update.

Not gonna happen.  It is profit prohibitive for ATT to release the 2.1 update for the X10, so don't expect to ever see that happen.  ATT did the same thing with the LG Incite  there was an update that was released by LG for the Incite that was not supported by ATT, but you could update your phone if you unlocked it from ATT.  As for multitouch,  the x10 is not physically capable of having multitouch in the same fashion as Apple products.  There is a way to invoke dual vectoring through software that will mimic multitouch but from what i've read it is quirky and doesn't function correctly on the x10,  hopefully it will be fixed and released because i'd like to be able to use multitouch to zoom, but i'm not getting my hopes up.

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Re: 2.1 Update might come out with Multitouch update.

Yes I am aware that the hardware doesn't support multitouch, but they are in the works for an alternative.

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