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shattered nokia lumia 1520 screen

shattered nokia lumia 1520 screen

So I've had my Nokia Lumia 1520 for less than a week and today I dropped the phone and shattered my screen. What do I do? Can AT&T fix the screen or do they have to send it somewhere? And how much will it cost? I don't have insurance on the phone. Everything works except the screen is shattered.
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Re: shattered nokia lumia 1520 screen

Well actually the bottom three buttons (search,home, and the back button) won't work until you press on it but I don't want to crack the screen more
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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: shattered nokia lumia 1520 screen

Without insurance you will be responsible for paying for repairs/replacement of accidental damage - the warranty only covers defects/failures.


The nokia support site for the 1520 under physical damange is




They point to http://www.palcocellphonerepair.com/ as an option for physical repairs, and at that site the estimate for replacing the LCD with insured return shipping is:


Your Estimate Is: $219.00


I'd call AT&T first (611 on your phone or 800.331.0500 and see what they suggest for getting it repaired, and what they would charge... if it's about the same I'd let them do the repairs.

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Re: shattered nokia lumia 1520 screen

Ok thank you

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