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copying contacts to computer - Lumia 520


copying contacts to computer - Lumia 520

Is there a way to backup/copy contacts from the Nokia Lumia 520 directly to my personal computer?

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Re: copying contacts to computer - Lumia 520

Hi tip79,


Microsoft outlines Here their various syncing options. It willl depend upon the computer you have will depend upon the sync features. I will tell you if you have a Windows 8 PC, the sync is native.


Also, if you have a Microsoft Account set up on the phone, your contacts automatically back up to that account. You can visit or to login and see these contacts. These will also automatically download onto any new Windows Phone once you log in.


Hope this helps!

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Re: copying contacts to computer - Lumia 520

Logo412 nailed it. An MS account is the easiest way to get access to your contacts on another device. Whether it is tour PC, a Win8 tablet or in a browser, it is very easy.

Are you using an MS account or something else?
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Re: copying contacts to computer - Lumia 520

Yes I have an account. I was hoping there was a drag and drop option using Windows Explorer that I couldn't find.

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Re: copying contacts to computer - Lumia 520

Your contacts are not really stored on the phone, they're just synced there. They would be in your hotmail account and/or your google account and/or your exchange account on the web/cloud/whatever you want to call it.


It would be far easier to download/sync them from those web sites.

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