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Samsung Focus city settings


Samsung Focus city settings

My wife and I both have Samsung Focus phones.  I have talked with my local AT&T dealer and they can not fix a problem we are having with setting a city id for weather informaiton.  The ONLY options on my wife's phone after touching the NOW icon are non USA cities.  I have tried and they the dealer has tried all the common fixes but none have worked.   My phone which is identical to this phone has no problem.  I have noticed that she does not have a screen I have call "city settings"  She does have the add city button but it does not give USA options only cityes from other countries.   Please advise. 

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Re: Samsung Focus city settings

Your wife's phone may have the old version of Now. Be sure you updated Now via Marketplace. There was one update since I got my phone in January. Yours may already be up to date.


Also, check in Settings that GPS (entitled  Location) is turned on.


You will need a data connection to load the lists.


On the weather panel on Now, press the gear.


press the (+) Add City


You can enter a city, or on the Appbar press the 1st icon -- a target -- for Current City.  It should pick up your location from the GPS.


Otherwise, the other icon -- 3 lines -- will produce a list of countries.  Alphabetically, near the bottom you will find United States and United States Minor Outlying Islands.  Choose the appropriate.


For United States, I see "Total: 400" and 22 for the islands.


It could be that loading the list failed the first time you entered the list if there was a bad data connection? If the result is cached, you may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling and loading the country list again.


Now is in the Samsung section of Marketplace.

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Re: Samsung Focus city settings

First, let me thank you for your thoughtful reply.


I just returned from the ATT store having given them your reply.  They did the update again and it did not help.  The GPS location is "on".   Neither the attendant nor I understand what you mean by "you will need a data connection to load the lists."  What lists are you talking about.  The attendant mentioned something about using zume when he did the update.  By the way the other three display phones at the ATT store have the same problem as the phone my wife owns.  He could not get them to locate a US city either.  They all had about 400 foreign cities. 


When I touch the NOW icon on my wife's phone it gives me a blue screen with NOW at the top and the word "weather" below.  Under "weather" is the term ""  There is a gear to the right.  When you touch the gear you get a black screen with "weather" at the top and "settings" under it.  Then you get a box that says "unit" with C on the left and F on the right.  Under that is a plus sign and "Add a city".  When you click add a city it gives you only the list of foreign countries.


On my phone the NOW icon is the same.  When you click the icon you get a blue screen with NOW at the top and "weather" under it with "AccuWeather.con" under weather.  However to the right you not only have a gear but you have a refresh button.  When you press the gear buttion you get a black screen with "weather" at the top but then you get the following--"cities settings".  Under cities settings you get a plus sign and "Add a city".  When you click on add a city you get US cities.


So help me understand how I get the "list" of US cities on my phone.  I assume you want me to connect my phone to my laptop.  I think I can do that but I need guidance on what to do next.




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Re: Samsung Focus city settings

Just type in the city name or use the locate icon at the bottom (the circle target icon). The list of the city for me is actually a list of countries. You select a country first, then you pick a city from the list. Not sure how you get back if you picked a wrong country (which I think is the problem of your wife's phone). However, you can use my tip above and skip this city picking thing.

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Re: Samsung Focus city settings

Again let me thank you for your kind reply.


Your phone must be like my phone.  My wife's is different.  When I go to the add a city page and type in  Macon, GA it gives me this message--no result.  There are no icons at the bottom for me to click.  On her phone this is what I have





C or F

Plus sign Add a city


On my phone I have this



cities settings

Plus sign Add a city


When I click add a city it gives me a search bar that brings up Macon, GA immediately.  I also have two icons at the bottom.  One is a target and one is a circle with three horizontal lines in the middle.  If I press the target it will identify where I am.  My wife's phone does not have this option.


The ATT folks have done all the usual things--upgraded, rebooted etc.  They have no idea.   These phones were purchased at the same place within two days of each other.  I am beginning to think they have different software on them.  I would exchange the phone except the other three they have in stock are like my wife's phone.

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Re: Samsung Focus city settings

Sounds like you're running two difference versions of the Now app. You need open the Market app on the phone and it should check for the update for the Samsung Now app. You will need to grant permission to update it manually (it won't update automatically).

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Re: Samsung Focus city settings

There are other weather apps that work better than Now, including two that have Live Tiles.

Look at The Weather Channel or WeatherBug.

Also TodayWeather and Weather4Me.

But the first two will allow you to chose just about any locations in the world.

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Re: Samsung Focus city settings

It is fixed thanks to you.


I found a web site that taught me how to download using Marketplace.  I did not understand about hitting the search button at the bottom.  When I did it allowed me to update as you stated.  I was able to find the United States first and then Macon, GA.


With gratitude




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Re: Samsung Focus city settings

Thanks for the suggestions.  After I become more familiar with the phone I will explore the two weather related apps you suggested.  I did learn how to update the NOW app and it is working fine.  I appreciate your help.

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