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Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T Sim unlock


Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T Sim unlock

I have purchased Samsung Ativ smart pc 500T AT&T(no contract) version through Amazon. I am living in Bangladesh. Now i want to use my local sim card in my ativ 500T. but the smart pcs carrier is locked to AT&T. How can i unlock it?? will AT&T provide any unlock code for it, so that i can use any sim card in my Ativ 500T..


Please tell me the process to unlock My Ativ 500T



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Re: Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T Sim unlock

Try sending a PM to ATTCustomerCare

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Re: Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T Sim unlock

Hi naved.aanjum,


We received your private message. Please visit for more information about eligibility and to file a request for an unlock.




Nicole K.

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Re: Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T Sim unlock



i have a problem because i bought a samsung ativ smart pc 500t in amazon at&t (no contract), and tray to unlock by At&t unlock device web ... and my solitation was reject



how i can to get a unlock my samsung




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Re: Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T Sim unlock

Send a PM to the person who posted above you... (Private Message)

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Re: Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T Sim unlock

i have the same problem with the unlock code, i call several times to AT&T support and doesnt have the code.

I call samsung support and say that never lock any tablet.

And the unlock page from AT&T rejected my request i dont know why, i send the invoice of the amazon store where i buy.

Please can one help me with this.

I living outside the USA and need to use the 3G sim from other provider.



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Re: Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T Sim unlock



    I purchased this device in May as most people did during the Microsoft and Amazon Blowout deals.  I have been attempting to use this device with another 4g LTE/3g capable SIM as well in Europe (Norway).  I currently have a prepaid AT&T account for use here in the US,which works great, but i refuse to pay the horrendous international roaming data charges through AT&T while I am Abroad.

     I recently contacted MIcorsoft, who claims they have no function to lock any hardware devices ever.  I contacted Samsung who told me that they leave the factory unlocked and programmed per AT&T specs. They said that with any of their devices, the carrier is the only one who would lock the device, not Samsung.

     I submitted a request through the AT&T website for device unlocking which came back immediatly as denied.

     I then contacted customer care services who then transefered me and I got a rep who was very polite and tried to help and would have been willing to unlock my device through superviser approval, however there was NO unlock code availbe. She stated that the device did come up properly in system with the correct IMEI # and the system said it WAS unlockable, but when she clicked for the code, the system said it was unavailable.


My question is, how can AT&T lock a SIM to a device and then not know what the unlock code is?  Is there any way to unock this device, or did i spend $600 for nothing.  There has to be some department who can generate the unlock code for me.

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Re: Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T Sim unlock

AT&T please help us, you have to solve this matter ASSAP
So many customer dissapointed because of your lack of empathy, for something so simple like the unlock code
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Re: Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T Sim unlock

Any updates on this?


I saw some Amazon customers have bought ATIV 500T with unlocked modems (and AT&T logo on the back)! Could not contact them for more detailes, so dont know if tablets arrived unlocked or they got unlock codes from AT&T.



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Re: Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T Sim unlock

Still waiting reply for AT&T, no unlock code so ever, try everything but still cant unlock

Hope someone have the answer for this trouble

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