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Pictures in and out of nokia 820


Pictures in and out of nokia 820

All I want to do is when I connect my Nokia 820 to my computer.


1. I want to decide what pictures to add to my computer or add to my phone - how can I do this?


My phone is a Nokia 820, with a 32G SDC card.


A. I have my phone set up to up load to skydrive.

B. For picture management I use "Windows Live Photo Gallery" I like it and does what I want.

C. Now - when I connect all the pictures I have taken down load to my computer - that I don't like.

D. I want to decide what pictures to add to computer or to phone.

E. FYI - I have about 15,000 + photos in my computer.


Thank You,




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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Pictures in and out of nokia 820

You should be able to just navigate to your phone/photos directory and drag/drop desired photos off phone onto your computer. You can turn off auto photo sync.


See this


Under "To sync photos and videos you've taken"


Uncheck "

  1. Make sure the Sync photos check box is selected.

  2. If you also want to sync the videos you've taken, select Include your videos."

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