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Phone network connection 4G/LTE

Phone network connection 4G/LTE

I have two Lumia 900 devices on my account. One shows a network connection of 4G and the other shows a network connection of LTE. They both used to show LTE, but one has recently changed to 4G. When I look at my data usage for the phone that shows LTE, the usage on my phone using the myAT&T app always matches the data usage when checking on the AT&T website. However, when I check the data usage for the phone that shows 4G, the usage on my phone using the myAT&T app is always much higher than when I check on the AT&T website. For example, I'm currently on the second day of my billing cycle and using my phone app, it shows I have used 31.36 MB whereas when I check on the AT&T website, it shows that I have used 18.25 MB. Why the difference for only the phone showing 4G? I would think the data is being pulled from the same source. Would appreciate any assistance....thanks!

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Re: Phone network connection 4G/LTE

Call 611 on the phone, get them to check your plan on the phone that's not working right.

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Re: Phone network connection 4G/LTE

Your phone showing "4g" is most likely due to AT&T's buggy LTE network. Turn on airplane mode and then turn it off and it should be back on LTE, or restarting your phone should put it back on LTE. When making a phone call, your phone drops to "4g" because AT&T does not have Voice over LTE but it should go back to LTE on its own after making a call.

I have had problems with my Lumia 900 dropping down to "4g" from LTE during regular use or for no reason at all.


The data use being different in the app and website may be due to the website updating slower than the app. Being on "4g" or LTE should not make a difference in the amount of data used. 

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Re: Phone network connection 4G/LTE

Thanks very much....worked like a charm! Too bad the folks at 611 don't know about this. As far as the data use issue, what I don't understand is that data usage on the website and the phone app always matches for one phone but not the other. I suspect that they may be updating each phone at different times. I suppose another reason might be is that the phone where there is a difference between the data used is on an older grandfathered plan that is no longer available. It certainly isn't a big deal, just a little annoying.


Thanks very much for your is very much appreciated.

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Re: Phone network connection 4G/LTE

The issue you are seing is a bug that Nokia or AT&T doesnt seem to recognise.  The Lumia 900 will get stuck in 4G mode if it experiences a weak LTE signal it cant connect to.


I spent a month with AT&T and Nokia trying to get something done about this with no success.

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