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Nokia Lumina 920 Battery Issues


Nokia Lumina 920 Battery Issues

I've lately been having some issues with my battery life on my Lumina 920.  Some days, the battery will stay at ~100% up until the early afternoon, and then drop off to around 45% by the time I go to bed at 11pm and charge it.  Other days, my phone will drain the battery at 10% per hour and the phone will need to be charged by the early afternoon and sometimes again before bedtime. 


Today, for example, my phone has been unplugged for an hour and a half and has lost 11% of its battery life without me messing with it.  I have found that if I restart the phone that it usually fixes the problem, but I don't understand why it is having this issue in the first place.  I'm wondering if it's a faulty battery or if its a bug in the OS itself.  Does anyone else experience similar things with their Lumina 920s?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Nokia Lumina 920 Battery Issues

athaki wrote:
  I'm wondering if it's a faulty battery or if its a bug in the OS itself.  Does anyone else experience similar things with their Lumina 920s?

Everyone sees this on Windows Phone OS. When your drain is bad, something is running in the background. Rarely some process in the phone goes nuts and eats the battery. Every OS update release it gets a little better...


Things you can do:


Press the left arrow button repeatedly until nothing happens - this backs you out of all the apps that are "standing by" after having been run by you.


Check Settings, Applications, Background Tasks to control what apps can (are are currently) running in the background


And as you have discovered, power off/on the phone when it just seems to drain like crazy.


I use this app to monitor battery behavior - it actually alerts you when it detects "insane battery drain" mode:


Best of all, it's a free app!



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Re: Nokia Lumina 920 Battery Issues

These are all great tips.  I think I'm also going to start restarting the phone when I plug it in at night and see if battery life improves even more.

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Re: Nokia Lumina 920 Battery Issues

After beating my head against the wall, deleting and reinstalling app after app, and on my third 920 thinking it was a defect (the phone would get so hot the top 1/3 of the screen was uncomfortable to touch) I finally stumbled on what seemed to be doing it to me:


The wireless charging plate.


I had two, one for the nightstand and another for my desk.  I read in a forum somewhere that there is a bug somewhere in the 920 that keeps it seeking the plate, even hours later, and it runs the battery down.


What I recall as the procedure was to stop charging with the plates at all, do a soft reset on the device, and not to use the plates again.  So far, several months after doing that, I don't have nearly the battery drain issues anymore.


I'm going to try them again after I finally get the gdr2/Amber update and see if that issue is fixed, but for now I just charge with a wired USB/

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Re: Nokia Lumina 920 Battery Issues

I have a Nokia lumia920 and I reset it about two day now and it still don't come back on as yet
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