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Nokia Lumia 635 how to send photos to insurance company


Nokia Lumia 635 how to send photos to insurance company

A woman had a seizure, hit the gas pedal and rammed into the front of our truck, totaling it (sitting in the driveway).  Her car ened up going down the side our our yard and took out the gate, tore out the fence, 80 feet long.  As she was tearing up our fence she tore up the side of our neighbors trailer, which had his golf cart in it, and then ended up in his storage building.      Fortunately, she had a seat belt on and her van had air bags so she survived, don't know how bad she was hurt though.


Her little girl was okay, in the back seat in a carrier and her van had side airbags.  Cat Happy


My son used my Nokia Lumia 635 smartphone to take photos of the mess for the insurance company. 

How do I send the photos to them, or send them to my computer so I can print them out?  I have the gophone plan, wiithout the data plan, I don't need it, have wifi at home and not out enough to need the data plan.

I've read the instructions that I downloaded, but I can't find anything that tells me how to save them to my computer.  I don't have an SD card yet, so they are in my phone memory. 


Thanks for any help that can be given.


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Re: Nokia Lumia 635 how to send photos to insurance company

Use the USB cable and plug it into your computer and use it as if it were an external hard drive.  Or something easier than that is to email it to yourself.  Then open the email and print it that way.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 635 how to send photos to insurance company

Since I don't have a cable, I will try the emailing it to myself and see if that works.  If  not, then get a cable and try that. 

I have finely stop shaking over what happened.   I took care of the toddler while they got the mother out, and it was freezing rain while they were working on getting her out. 

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Re: Nokia Lumia 635 how to send photos to insurance company

For most smart phones released in about the last 5 years, the phone charger consists of a USB cable plus a wall plug with a USB port. You might want to check your wall charger to see if the cable will detatch so you can plug it into your computer.


I don't know about the Lumia 635 specifically, but that is how all the Lumias in my family have been packaged.

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