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Nokia Lumia 520 data cancellation


Nokia Lumia 520 data cancellation

So, I bought Nokia Lumia 520 a few months ago via third-party retailer = without the contract or addition crap of such. Now AT&T slapped a 3gb data plan on my account.

Anyone knows how to get rid of that?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Nokia Lumia 520 data cancellation

Hello Kipia,

You aren't able to. AT&T requires all Smartphones on postpaid plans to have a data plan. If you add a smartphone to your plan and don't add an appropriate data plan, AT&T will modify your current data plan or add a data plan to your line. It's within the Terms of Service you agree to when you sign up for service.

GoPhone customers have some options in regards to data plans. The $25 and $50 plans don't include data -- although you can buy data packs for the $25 plan. The $40 and $60 plans have a set amount of data with the ability to buy additional data.
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Re: Nokia Lumia 520 data cancellation

Thanks for response. I appreciate this.
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Re: Nokia Lumia 520 data cancellation

You may be able to put it on the 300MB data plan if those are still available. They're less than the 3GB plan, and if you're not using any data anyway they'd be fine.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 520 data cancellation

You can get rid of it. Ask for pay per use. Make sure your cellular data setting is off, I presume it is. This is what I have done for years for I use WiFi.
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