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Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone sim card


Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone sim card

Hi all, I had a Samsung S3 contract phone that came with a small sim card. I broke that phone, then went to an AT&T store where I was given a large sim card to use in a goPhone which enables me to keep my contract. I bought the Nokia Lumia 520 on eBay, which I received today. My sim card doesn't fit in the slot, and I'm wondering, do I need to return to the AT&T store to ask to go back to a small sim card for the Lumia? Or am I somehow incorrectly trying to fit the sim card into the phone? If anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated! :]

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone sim card

Hi ariesmethod, 


You can visit any Company Owned AT&T store and receive the correct size SIM card for your device free of charge. You most likey received a Standard Size SIM and need a MicroSIM.  While you're there, they can also Update your IMEI to your Lumia 520 to ensure your data plan doesn't quit working. 


You find your nearest AT&T store by clicking Here


Hope this helps!

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Re: Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone sim card

That helps me a great deal, thank you so much for your quick reply. I do indeed need a micro sim, and I'm glad this problem was easily resolved. Have a wonderful week :]

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Re: Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone sim card

My Nokia Lumia 520 was dropped and stopped working I bought a 635 put my 520 Sims card still had time so I put it in. Have been trying to find help ever since that. That was about a month ago the att app tells me I need to use a wireless pay plan.i do not or I will never use a credit card because of an identity theft that I got many years age if this true I will go to another service. I get server not working messages, my flash player on my internet explorer never worked and I can't find the denim update, I am very happy with my windows phone but if I go back to android phone I will be very unhappy and the iPhone sounds weak please help
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Re: Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone sim card

Thank You! That helps a lot!

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