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New Samsung wall charger, odd behavior with Focus?

New Samsung wall charger, odd behavior with Focus?

Ok, I don't know if there's a connection or not, but I recently purchased a wall charger for my Focus from the Samsung website. After plugging in my phone with the new charger, my phone started acting weird. It would turn off and turn on by itself. Did this a few times after I had the phone charging and unplugged as well. Never did this before. Some of the apps stopped working like they had been, also. For example, the Associated Press app would take me back to the home screen after being pressed. The paperwork that came with the charger indicated it was for the Focus.


The last time it did this, I lost everything on the phone (contacts, apps, games, music, etc.). I got a little freaked and called AT&T tech support. Guy had me remove the battery. When I put the battery back in and turned the phone on, all my stuff was back, fortunately.


I purchased a cheap charger from Amazon about a month or so ago and the phone started acting weird when it was plugged into the cheapy charger. Email came on by itelf, switched from start page to apps, stuff like that. So I ditched that charger and went with the Samsung charger. Now this odd behavior.


Because it was a Samsung charger, the tech support guy didn't think there was a connection, but seeing as that other charger made my phone act weird, and the timing of the odd behavior, I can't help but think that maybe there was. I haven't dropped the phone or damaged it in anyway.


Anybody have experience with this?


Anyway, just to be on the safe side, I'm going to return the charger and purchase the same type of charger that came with the phone from the local AT&T store.


As a side note, I am using a SanDisk 32 gig class 2 memory card, but that's been in my phone from day one and I haven't had any problems. So unless I'm suddenly experiencing problems that others have had with memory cards (which would seem odd after having it in since the middle of November) I can't help but think it's the charger. Or something else?





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Re: New Samsung wall charger, odd behavior with Focus?

I'd blame the SD card. Sometimes it is not that immediately obvious that the card causes problem. For example, SD card is not used until internal storage is exhausted.  My son's focus works fine for almost two months with the SD card until one day he rebooted the phone (he rebooted the phone plenty of times before without issue).


I would take the card out and re-format the phone. And if it works fine after that, you will know it is the card, not the phone.


So far, I have seen no 100% safe SD cards, even the SanDisk ones. There are faulty reports on almost all cards.


UPDATE: here is the link to a list of cards and their problem or success based on user reports:


Your particular card belongs to unstable category.


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Re: New Samsung wall charger, odd behavior with Focus?

Drats. I was hoping it wasn't the SD card. The cheapy charger I got on for $1 was definately the cause of the problems I was having when using that as others reported the same problems who weren't using a memory card. So I was hoping it was the charger this time around as well, not the card.


But you're probably right. However, after returning to using the charger that came with the phone, the problems I encountered using the Samsung charger have stopped. I'm going to keep using the original charger and if the problems continue, I"ll do what you suggest.


Yeah, been working fine since going back to the charger that came with the phone.


Thanks for the input.

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Re: New Samsung wall charger, odd behavior with Focus?

fox, looks like you were right. Still acting weird. Shut off and turned back on by itself a couple of times again. Lost all my contacts and other stuff, but was able to get them back by turning it off and on. I'm assuming these problems will continue.


I've downloaded a bunch of apps. Looks like I'm going to have to re-install a bunch of those.


As a side question, how can I get my contacts from Windows Live downloaded to my phone after I ditch the 32 gig card and do a hard re-set?







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Re: New Samsung wall charger, odd behavior with Focus?

That is easy to do. You format the phone and sign in to the Live again. All your contacts and calendar events will automatically show up on your phone again. That's why it is called Sync, not simple download. What shows up in your live account, shows up exactly the same on your phone.


Now the hard part is that your pricey 32GB microSD card will no longer be readable or even formatable in any computer or most non-WP7 phones. The only way to format that card in order to be able to use elsewhere is to use a Nokia phone or other phones that run Symbian OS (Certain Sony Ericsson model).

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Re: New Samsung wall charger, odd behavior with Focus?

Well, it's a done deal and everything seems to be working. Everything synced up easily, as you said. However, installing all those apps again was kind of a pain. Once I go to Zune and install my music and some of the videos, there goes most of my 8 gigs.

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Re: New Samsung wall charger, odd behavior with Focus?

Correct me if I'm wrong because I haven't tried it yet. If you download and install all your apps from inside Zune software on your PC initially, it can automatically re-download and install those apps to the phone for you.

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Re: New Samsung wall charger, odd behavior with Focus?

Keep in mind that aftermarket wall chargers may have slightly different configurations.  A friend who has a Focus bought a couple of AC Chargers from Wal-Mart & another place.  Seems that they would charge the Focus, but that was all, they could not use the phone, not even answer the calls coming in or making a call going out.  The only "charger" I've found that works without problems is a USB Charger from Brandsmart for about $8.  Keep in mind that when you charge via the USB in a computer, it takes longer than when plugged into the actual AC wall charger.



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