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Lumia 1520 camera is not 20 mp, and screen is not 1080 as promised.


Lumia 1520 camera is not 20 mp, and screen is not 1080 as promised.

Hi All,


I'm a huge fan of Live tiles, but I guess I'm done with WP8.  The Lumia 1520 is adevertised as full HD, having a 20 mp camera, AND storage management that can install apps on an extra Micro SD card.


NO.  This is not the case, and the employee at the store was shocked as he had the same device.  I tried an online chat and the IMEI helped the tech Verify that isn 't not what it's supposed to be, and that they may have either in stock.


I was instructed to contact Nokia with little hope.  Dropped on the Curb!  wow.  horrible experience.


Anyone have the "REAL DEAL" with a 20 mp Camera?  Try the "Know your phone" app if you have doubts.....  ATT is falsely advertising.

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Re: Lumia 1520 camera is not 20 mp, and screen is not 1080 as promised.

I just recently got a 1520 myself. The phone is great. I'll try to answer your questions here:


1. Screen resolution. I looked at the app you're talking about and it is showing lower resolution, but I don't believe it's accurate. If you look at that app's reviews, other users have reported it showing incorrect resolution with different phones. The screen is beautiful and I believe it's 1080 as they state.


2. 20MP Camera. It says on Nokia's web site that the phone has a 20MP camera sensor, I don't think it means that the pictures are always at 20MP, someone will probably correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it uses full 20MP for its zoom features, actual photos are smaller (19MP). Either way I don't think there is a noticeable difference between 19 and 20MP.


3. Storage Management. You're correct, you can not install apps onto the memory card at this time, but I also couldn't find anything in any advertisements that stated otherwise. As far as I know, Windows Phone 8.1 should include this ability in the future.


I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: Lumia 1520 camera is not 20 mp, and screen is not 1080 as promised.

That app is incorrect and is feeding false information.

First off the Lumia 1520 does indeed have a 1080p display, there's simply no argument to that and any app that reports otherwise is inaccurate to be using.


Second off while the Lumia 1520 does have a 20MP Camera most high resolution images are captured at 19MP in 4:3 Aspect Ratio, and 16MP in 16:9 Aspect Ratio. This isn't falsely advertised under anyway because the phone itself does have a 20MP Sensor the pictures are just taken at 19MP for ratio and image capture area reasons.


Thirdly I'm not 100% certain if the moveable storage is advertised as AT&T's page didn't say anything about it. But you can use MicroSD to store Music/Videos/Pictures. Currently there is not a way to use app storage however in the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update this is being added.

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