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LG Vu- using micro SD card

Re: LG Vu- using micro SD card

Thanks Bruce........any recommendations on the music formatting?  The phone must not like something about the format of the music saved on the microSD.
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Re: LG Vu- using micro SD card

oh you know what?? i forgot to say that it only accepts mp3 in the music player. other formats wont sync into the music player. the only way to access songs that are other format are to manually browse the files that are on the card. to do that, go to the "my stuff" tab which is the third tab down. then click on "more" then "memory card". from there you can access all the files that are on your memory card.
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Re: LG Vu- using micro SD card

Thanks, Bruce!  That was a good way to test whether the microSD is recognized at all.  But what if I get an error message from the Memory Card selection that says "Card not ready"?
Thanks for the help!
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Re: LG Vu- using micro SD card

if you get that message that means that your memory card is too big. the phone only supports up to 4GB, so if your card is larger than that, you will get that message.
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Re: LG Vu- using micro SD card

Thanks again, Bruce!  It's wonder I'm having this problem.
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Re: LG Vu- using micro SD card

I have a 4 GB SDHC memory card.  When I try to change the primary storage for my camera to the memory card I get an error message saying that my memory card it full (which it's not since i just cleared everything off of it).  Has anyone else had this problem?  Or is anyone else with a 4 GB card able to change their camera to store pictures on their card? 
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Re: LG Vu- using micro SD card

hi i am having that card not reay problem but my card is only 4G . is there anything else that can be wrong?
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Re: LG Vu- using micro SD card

i had the same problem.. 28 of 80 songs were showing.  i tried shortening file names, but finally found the problem

ID3 tags

if your songs only have ID3v1 1.0 tags the music player won't read them.  1.1 is fine.  ID3v2 2.3 is fine

having 1.0 and 2.3 is fine, 3 probably works too

i think having none is fine

having just 1.0, that's the killer

what an odd quirk!

for a quick check, download Simple ID3-Tag Editor to see the version numbers

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Help me urgent

i had the same problem
In my vu i can see and play all mp3 from my stuff tab (Audio & Ringtones)
But i cant even see them on my music player (AT &T Music)
Can anyone help ,me
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Re: Help me urgent

read my post above about the ID3 tags on your files.  that should be the solution.

i found back in the late 90s i ripped a lot of my cd collection using Audiograbber and it was most of those files I needed to upgrade the ID3 tag on for the Vu Audio player to recognize.

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Re: Help me urgent

Hi everybody.

I have a similar problem on my LG CU515 and the music library.  The phone "sees" the mp3 songs and I can play them regardless of the bit rate or the ID-Tag.  But they are not showing up in the library.   But after I move a song within the phone (one folder to another or root folder) they appear in the library.   But it is very inconvenient for 150+ songs since there is no multiple copying. Is there a way to refresh the library?

I am using a 2GB Kingston Card that worked perfectly in the Nokia 6555.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Re: LG Vu- using micro SD card

I did what u said converting my mp3 to id3 v2
but it never worked
can u help me bro
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Re: LG Vu- using micro SD card

i`m also having the card full problem when i try to switch my cameras primary storage to my 4gb micro sd card has anyone figured out the answer?
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Re: LG Vu- using micro SD card

sorry, i didn't get notification of the 10/29 post, but i got one for the last one.

i don't have the usb cable yet, just a card reader in my computer, so, it's {word filter evasion} to test certain things.

i know, once i got all my songs to work, i stopped fooling around with it.  although, i do need to add more songs soon, so i may have new info.

when i was testing i did a few things.  i got rid of folders so all songs were on the root but that did not help at the time (I do not know if this necesarry or not).  I then made sure all file names were less than 37 characters per this post ( and that fixed like 1 song, so I can say that has something to do with it.

But the thing that helped the most was the id3 tags.  I fixed a few and then more songs showed up.  I then went back and fixed every old one.  Just having 1 that is off can impact multiple songs.

I specifically used the freeware Simple ID3-Tag Editor 0.5a (google Simple ID3-Tag Editor 0.5a for a download).  If I had an ID3v1 tag that was 1.0 I would remove it and svae the track.  I would do that for all and then re-insert the card into m phone and everything was good, and has been good.

So, my suggestion is 3 things, put all songs on the Root for now.  Make sure all titles are under 37 characters, including the .mp3.  And then double check your ID3 tags with the program mentioned above to make sure you didn't miss one. (There's no bulk chage with this program though, but it's quick to arrow down through all your songs to scan if any are 1.0)

Let me know how you make out

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Re: LG Vu- using micro SD card


I have got a 2GB Micro SD card for my LG Vu. I see the error message "Card not ready" when I try to access it, through the settings tab.

Please help. Thanks!
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