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LG Quantum keyboard behavior?


LG Quantum keyboard behavior?

So I have had my LG Quantum since launch in October. I love it and use it every day. I got it because of the hardware keyboard, and that's what this thread is about...

To other LG Quantum users, I want to know if this is typical behavior or if I need to get a replacement device. Often when I am typing using the hardware keyboard, it will turn off (the lights on the keys turn off) and I can't type with it anymore until I jostle it or close and open it. Sometimes the on screen keyboard will pop out when it happens. Sometimes the backspace key gets stuck when it happens. I used to think it was a software issue, until last night. I decided to do a hard reset to see if it would do anything. It didn't, but when I was reinstalling the apps, I found that the keyboard would turn on and off constantly depending on the orientation of the phone. I wonder if there's a loose connection. Is this typical behavior or am I going to have to get a replacement unit?
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Re: LG Quantum keyboard behavior?

I think you have a bad device.  I have the Quantum and when the keyboard backlight turns off I can still type just fine.  I have never had the hardware keyboard stop responding like you are describing.

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Re: LG Quantum keyboard behavior?

Thanks. I guess I'll have to make a visit to an AT&T store or something, then.
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