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Have WP8 Apps Stopped Updating?


Have WP8 Apps Stopped Updating?

I'm using a Lumia 820 which is still (sadly) waiting for its WP8.1/Cyan update.  I have noticed that, starting about the same time AT&T began rolling out the update to the newer phones, I have not received any updates to any of the apps on my phones, even though I know that newer versions of some of them have been released.  Does anyone know if the AT&T rollout of WP8.1/Cyan is blocking WP8 phones from getting automatic app updates or if MS has stopped updating the WP8 apps because it wants everyone on 8.1?  Has anyone else still stuck on WP8 noticed this issue?

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Re: Have WP8 Apps Stopped Updating?


Hello @raymondgross 


I don't know the exact answer to your question, but it's not uncommon for newer versions of apps to require newer OS to run, I've seen a lot of that with iOS. What if you try to remove an app and redownload? Will it download the same version you have now?




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