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Focus Keeps Reformatting....


Focus Keeps Reformatting....

Is anyone else having this issue?  My Focus keeps reformatting itself and going make to the factory defaults...along with deleting everything...apps, contacts, e-mails, pics, etc.  I have had the extra SD card put in by the sales rep at A T & T.  Also, this is my second phone now...the first Focus kept reformatting once a day, just thought I had a bad phone.  But now the new phone is doing it too....anyone else? 

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Focus Keeps Reformatting....

I have had this occur twice.

Both times, I was able to restore by pulling the battery out, taking out the SD card, and reinserting it (making sure that it "seats" properly), and powering up the phone. On the two occasions, phone was then restored back to my preferences rather than factory default.

I should mention that both times this happened, I had "tethered" Focus to PC for syncing with Zune to install new apps. Once, the phone "reset" itself. The other time, I soft reset to have apps and other changes that I made, show up. (I have found that without soft reset, sometimes newly installed apps, or other changes made to phone will not appear.)

Also, you should check to make sure that your SD card is one that will work:


I suspect that there was some "conflict" between newly installed apps, tethering, and, perhaps, other changes that I made to device.

But now, I am not having any problems.


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Re: Focus Keeps Reformatting....

That worked!!!  How odd....and last night I did tether my phone to the PC to add some apps.


Thanks again!




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