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Epix Today Screen


Epix Today Screen

I have gone to Settings/Today/Items and checked Date, Time, Messaging, Calendar, Device Lock, Today Plus. However, the only things visible in my Today Screen are the little clock icon, followed by day of week, date, time, and bell indicating alarm. Does anybody know why the items I have checked are not visible like they should be? I have not added anything to my phone. I have it set to request PIN if unused for 24 hours, which I've learned cancels out the function of the End Key as a Lock Key. Therefore, I desperately need the Device Lock to be visible on my Today Screen.


Also, when I enter the Settings/Today/Items (even if I make no changes), upon exiting this screen (whether I click the OK in the top corner, or use the actual OK button) the phone freezes momentarily (about 1 minute or less). It then displays the Settings screen, but gets frozen there. In order to unfreeze my phone, I must push the Start menu button, select any item, then close them all. Slightly frustrating. Has anybody else experienced this? My phone does not freeze at any other time than this. Should I reset it? Or is it a faulty phone?


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Epix Today Screen

might wanna try a soft reset.
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Re: Epix Today Screen

Thanks so much! I took the battery out, reinserted it, powered up, and voila! Like magic!
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