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[Closed] Nokia Lumia unlocking questions and discussion (All models)

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[Closed] Nokia Lumia unlocking questions and discussion (All models)

Please use this thread for any questions or discussions related to Nokia Lumia devices unlock requests (all models).


Thank you,


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Re: Help / Unlock Nokia Lumia 520

Hello, Pelichek!


Thanks for your post! There are several pre-requisites for submitting a device unlock request.


AT&T will unlock an AT&T Mobile Device under the following circumstances:

  • The person requesting the unlock must be one of the following:
    • a current AT&T customer
    • a former AT&T customer who can provide the phone number or account number for the account
  • The AT&T Mobile Device was designed for use on AT&T's network.
  • The AT&T Mobile Device has been paid for in full.
  • The AT&T Mobile Device has not been reported lost or stolen.


For more information or to submit the unlock request, simply click on the link below.


Device Unlock Request


Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns!



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Hello, hjnh00!


Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, in order to unlock your device, you will need to follow the steps outlined in the link below.


Device Unlock Request


Our customers' security is extremely important to us. As such, we keep their personal and account information completely private, and we ask that you refrain from asking other users to give out this kind of sensitive information.


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!





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Re: Help / Unlock Nokia Lumia 520

I sent a private message to you.
Thank you Mariana!

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but i no have AT&T account can you help me?

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Re: Off contract Lumia 920 unlock

Hi, I bought a Nokia Lumia 820 AT&T to use in Europe network but I'm not and I haven't been customer of AT&T. How can I unlock this device to use in Europe networks? if now nobody unlock to me this phone.


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Re: Unlock Nokia Lumia 520

Please visit here for information on unlocking your AT&T phone or tablet. 

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Re: Unlock Nokia Lumia 520

Question on 'Go Phone' vs. postpaid.


As I understand from unlock page T&C - postpaid customer can unlock a phone.  If the account is post paid - can a GoPhone be unlocked?  Does it needs to be active on said post paid account?


Basically, if a post paid customer unlocking a device that was sold as Go Phone - does the device still needs to be active fro 6 months before it is unlocked?



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hjnh00 wrote:

but i no have AT&T account can you help me?

Every AT&T 920 was sold to someone who had an AT&T account at some point. If someone gifts you a locked 920, ask THEM to unlock it first. They can do it for free, on the web, using the link above and the account that the phone was activated on when purchased.


If they can't then the phone has a dubious history - and its unlikely you'll be able to get it unlocked via AT&T.


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Re: Unlocking Nokia lumia 900

MY name is Marcelo and I'm from Panama. I bought a Nokia Lumia 900 on ebay and got it last week and, It results locked with your brand.

I wrote on twitter and I was looking for information about how could I do for unlock it. In the wireless support is written that I need an AT&T account, but I don't have it because I'm not in USA.

Can I take the unlock code by buying or paying something in other way. How many would it cost me?

I would like you help me, I hope for you answer and thankful with your attention.

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Re: Off contract Lumia 920 unlock

Hi Guys,


Thanks for the responses.


I neglected to mention that I am using a straight talk sim, so I bought the phone off contract and I've been using straigh talk ever since. I've been on to customer support a couple of times, but they were not very helpful. Surely my situation isnt unique, anyone got an insight?




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Unlock Lumia 520 :(

I live in outside USA (not a US citizen) and bought an AT&T Lumia 520 from Ebay. It's locked and when I bought the item unlocking was possible at that time. But now unlocking is not available. Is there any possibility to unlock it? If so how can I do it? (AT&T unlocking page is not going to help me, since I'm not a US citizen Smiley Sad )


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Re: Unlock Lumia 520 :(

Get the seller to unlock it.


Seriously people - don't buy AT&T locked phones off EBay if you live outside the US.

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Unlocking Nokia Lumia 920 and Bad Customer Service

I am at my wits end dealing with AT&T.  I have been a loyal customer of this company for 13 + years but this will be my last year with this company.  


I bought a Nokia Lumia 920 in Nov. 2012 with a 2 year contract.  I was out of the country and wanted to get the unlock code in January 2013.  At that time I was told that I needed to have the phone for 90 days before I can get the unlock code.  I was told that it was a part of the contract that AT&T had with Nokia and hence I could not have the unlock code.  


I called them again today as I am abroad and wanted to use a local carrier.  First I had the customer service rep tell me that they cannot give me a code because I was under a two year contract. When I explained to him that I was promised the unlock code after 90 days he mentioned that AT&T had changed their policy about 3 months back on unlock codes.  When I enquired as to why they had not informed the customers about a policy change, he said that AT&T cannot be expected to inform all customers of every policy change.  I find this attitude appalling.  The company expects customers to serve the terms and conditions and are willing to change the same conditions without informing the customers.  


I asked to speak to a manager.  I was introducted to a Ms. Sue McCoy.  I repeated what was told to me.  She said I must have misunderstood and that the company always had a policy of not providing unlock codes during the contract period.  This was plainly a lie.  I have received unlock codes during the 2 year contract period on Samsung Galaxy S.  When I pointed this out to her, she said the company cannot afford to give phones at discounted rates and unlock codes.  I am still paying for service that I am not using since I am abroad.  Hence, it beats me as to how AT&T is getting short changed.  If I break the contract they have a legally binding agreement from me and hence can recover the money.  


This attitude of AT&T and their callous disregard for customer service is appalling.  I fully intend to pay the amount of 205$ to break the contract and use this bad customer experience as an example in every marketing class I teach.

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Re: Off contract Lumia 920 unlock


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Re: Unlocking Nokia Lumia 920 and Bad Customer Service

They changed their policy.  I asked for an unlock code for my 920 back in June and got it.  Well, I couldn't find the email so I asked for it again a couple of months and was told I couldn't have it since I was still under contract.  I did a search by the name that the "can't do" response from and found the unlock code from months prior.  They changed their policy again.  And I agree...bad customer service and ATT just keeps getting more greedy and wants more of your money.


Oh and I have been a valued customer since 1997, so loyalness means nothing to them.

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