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[Closed] Nokia Lumia unlocking questions and discussion (All models)


Nokia Lumia 520 mobile unlocking

Introducing myself, am Rajesh origin of India. During December 2013 when I was in Texas, I've purchased Nokia Lumia 520 with AT&T provider from After January 2014 I returned to India. I want to continue to use the lumia mobile in India. What I want is there any way to unlock the mobile in order to use in India ? Please reply ASAP.

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Re: Unlocking Windows Phones

This isn't AT&T support, it's a user - to - user forum Smiley Happy


You have the same options and requirements to unlock a windows phone as you do with any other AT&T phone. They are outlined here:


If you don't meet those requirements, then you will not be able to get the device unlocked. If you do, check the box at the bottom of the page, click Agree, and supply the requested documentation.


I've unlocked a Lumia 920 this way, it's quite simple to do - if you meet the requirements.


Best of luck.

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Re: Pls, Can anyone help me with getting unlock code ?

This sounds like an issue you would raise with ebay - if the seller sold you an item claiming it was unlocked, and it isn't, and they won't respond to you, then you have a valid claim. Ebay doesn't like dishonest sellers.


AT&T's unlock rules are here:


Contact Ebay here to start your claim process:

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Re: Unlocking Windows Phones

"This isn't AT&T support, it's a user - to - user forum" - Thanks a lot for your reproof, i know that this is like it is. But that doesn't help solving the problem - isn't there any way to unlock an AT&T-Phone when i leave the U.S. ?!?!?!?

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Re: Pls, Can anyone help me with getting unlock code ?

As far as I know the seller must call and get the unlock code as it was under his account, I don't think they will give it to you as this is how they prevent stolen phones from being used by just anyone? If the seller isn't the owner, makes sense why he won't respond to you? I have had to get an unlock code myself for a phone I wanted to give to a family member and it took 3 calls and a couple hours dealing with customer service before finally getting the phone unlocked. If you bought it on eBay, I'd file a complaint and get your money back, I doubt you will get the code from at@t, and it's most likely stolen if the seller isn't responding? Just FYI
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Re: Unlocking Windows Phones

Yes. You visit the link I posted. If you meet the requirements, you can request an unlock. If you don't then there is no way to unlock your device.

I wasn't making a "reproof" I was simply stating the fact that this isn't an AT&T support forum, it's a user to user forum. Hence the happy face Smiley Happy
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I also have a question of how to het the code to unlock my Nokia Lumia 520. A family member bought this as a go phone and used it for about 3 months. She is not very tech savy and decided to go to a Samsung Galaxy instead so this Lumia has sat on the shelf for 3 months. I got this brain child that I could use it for myself, but I need to get the unlock code to do so. Overall she has been a :go phone" customer for over 6 months now, but just changed phones half way through, so is this phone still elligble to be released? If not it seems like such a waste because I could surely use it.

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Re: Nokia Lumia unlocking questions and discussion (All models)



I want buy a Lumia 520, here:


The Lumia 520 is sold by Amazon. Can I unlock device? I'm not a customer of AT&T.


Thank you


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Re: Nokia Lumia unlocking questions and discussion (All models)



I've bought a GoPhone on Amazon 6 months ago. So it have been active for 6 months. However it have never been possible to register the SIM card provided with the GoPhone because of this error:


GP103: The SIM number entered does not exist. Please check the number and enter it again. 


I checked multiple times and I'm sure I'm typing the number correctly. I would like to contact AT&T support but it's not possible without having a wireless number ie registering the phone ... I live in the UK and I really want to unlock this phone. What should I do ?

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Re: Nokia Lumia unlocking questions and discussion (All models)

first, sorry for my poor english.

i'm from Russia.i've just buy a nokia lumia 520 from and i can't use it in my country.i 've asked for at&t supports but they require at&t wireless number and at&t account. i'm not in USA and don't use AT&t how can i use my phone in my country.:smileysad: 

i also ask some people in my country but they can't help me.

what should i do ?

please help me. 

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i want to unlock my nokia 1090

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Re: unlock

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Re: Nokia Lumia unlocking questions and discussion (All models)

Hi! I have bought Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone online. I have now AT&T GoPhone SIM card and Lumia 520. 


I'm unable to use it in Finland. I bought it from Finnish guy that had bought it from USA. 


Here is IMEI of the phone: [Edited for privacy.]


Information from SIM card: 


SKU: [Edited for privacy.]


UPC: [Edited for privacy.]


ICCID: [Edited for privacy.]


I cannot get the phone number of the account, because roaming is not working in Finland with AT&T GoPhone.


Could you please give me unlock code? I have paid 50 euros for the phone, but cannot use it and I'm unable to fill your Unlock form because I don't know the GSM number for that SIM card.


If I don't get the unlock code, I don't have any use for that phone. The seller of phone did not give me the phone number for this phone.


Thank you in advance and have a nice summer!


Best regards,

Esa [Edited for privacy.]



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hi friends,do me a favor

a friend of my uncle gave him a phone,lumia 1020.then he sent it to me,but it is att can not be used in China,what a pity! is there any method to get it unlocked ?

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Re: hi friends,do me a favor

You can get it unlock free if you meet these requirements:

*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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