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AT&T HTC 8x on Verizon?


AT&T HTC 8x on Verizon?

My mom recently gave me her old HTC 8x blue smart phone. Unaware my dad has me on a Verizon plan. I would love to have this phone but I just don't know how to get it to work correctly with my sim card in it. Please help. Thank you.

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Re: AT&T HTC 8x on Verizon?

Hi henley_21,


The AT&T Model of the HTC 8X is missing the Verizon LTE bands as well as the CDMA radio and it will not work on their network. The AT&T 8X is designed to only work on AT&T's network in the US. If you do get it unlocked, you would be able to use it on other GSM carriers, such as T-Mobile.


Your mom would have to submit for the unlock code. She can visit or contact customer care and they can file for the unlock for her.


Hope this Help!

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Re: AT&T HTC 8x on Verizon?

I have another question for you. I  bought an htc 8c verizon unlocked and i tried it with an att sim card, the line work fine but the internet doesn't work. but i did the same thing with a t-mobile sim card and everything worked perfectly, why?


and my second question is if a bring a nokia 925 unlocked from t-mobile, will it work with an att sim card?



thanks for you help.!!!

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