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Pure g-mail email problem


Pure g-mail email problem

I setup my g-mail email account on my Pure. I can send/receive my email without issues, but for unknown reasons my emails delete on its own without me doing anything! I mean a whole days worth of email just like that. It may not be email from the same day, but the day prior or something. Is there a option to prevent this from happening all the time or is this a known issue with this phone?

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Re: Pure g-mail email problem

This could be an issue with the preferences for your email account.  With the HTC Pure, you have the option to download messages from a certain timeframe (today’s messages, from the past 3 days, etc.) or download all messages.


You can find instructions on how to change this option by going to or by following this link:



While following these instructions, ensure to select the “Automatic Send/Receive” option that best fits your preference and then select “Download messages”.  You will have the below options to choose from:


  • Today’s messages
  • From the past 3 days
  • From the past 5 days
  • From the past 7 days
  • From the past 30 days
  • All messages


If you are still having trouble with your email please feel free to reach out to our online business support team at Select your device type and look for the “Chat Now” link on the following screen.

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