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Proxy Server on Samsung Jack


Proxy Server on Samsung Jack

Hi everyone,


I just purchased 10 Jacks for use in my company.  They are being given to my field technicians to improve our dispatch communications (they currently use a combination of basic phones and alphanumeric pagers).  We are now going to send them an e-mail with the service call details and they will reply to the e-mail after they have completed the service call.  Eventually, we will be implementing a custom-written app for Windows Mobile that will work even better than e-mail, so this is only a temporary (about 6 months to a year) solution.  My problem is that I don't want the technicians to be able to browse the web, which will waste a lot of time.  I'm trying to restrict their internet access to only our IMAP and SMTP servers.  I have a hardware firewall in the office (WatchGuard Firebox X Edge X20e) that can be set up with a VPN tunnel for mobile use.  My IT guy told me that this specific phone is not compatible with our firewall (even though the Blackjack, along with a couple of Windows Mobile 6 phones are supported).  I am not opposed to setting up a separate proxy server for the phones or paying for a hosted server, if necessary.


However, I need to make sure that my techs can't circumvent the security measures.  After speaking to several AT&T and Samsung reps, I'm left without a solution.  Each time I speak to someone, they give me a solution that they promise will work.  (On Tuesday, I was told that the AT&T parental lock will do it, by both Samsung and AT&T Small Business support.  Yesterday, I was told it would not.)  Today, my AT&T sales rep directed me here.  To me the easiest solution (if it is possible) would be to put a password lock on the proxy settings, but I'm open to any help that could be provided.


Thanks for your help!


J. Cohen

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Re: Proxy Server on Samsung Jack

Thank you for participating within the Business Community Forums.  From your post it appears that you are looking to apply more restrictions to your devices. 


Here are two possible solutions that allow you to apply settings such as removing access to the web browser from the device without affecting access to email.  You can learn more about this solution by selecting the “learn more” links within the descriptions below.


Device Protection & Control
AT&T helps you meet the challenge of managing the demands of security and control of your smartphones. With AT&T Device Protection & Control, you can now manage and help protect your devices over-the-air through an integrated, AT&T hosted web console.
Learn more


Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager
With Microsoft® System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM), AT&T customers with Windows® Mobile 6.1 smartphones now have access to enhanced security features, device management, and mobile VPN capabilities.
Learn more


We have many other solutions that we offer to our customers to assist with their businesses which can be found within our Business Center at


Once you decide which solution works best for your business, you can have someone from Business Sales contact you by going to and clicking on the link “Request contact from B2B sales” located at the bottom right of the webpage.


Remember to always mark items that you find useful as "Accepted Solutions". This will help other users find this information too!!

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