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Is the 8107 update ever going to be released?


Is the 8107 update ever going to be released?

I understand the process.  I understand testing and validation of software for the changes that a carrier requires.  A little tweak here, a little tweak there.  It just seems odd to me that a company that advertises itself as the premier communications company is unable to communicate with it's customers.  In fact, ATT, if anyone in corporate even bothers to read this, which I doubt seriously at this point, let me ask you this:  Aren't your customers really your owners?  Without customers, your company becomes a pallet full of boxes of paper in someone's garage.  Doesn't it behoove you to bend over backwards to at least communicate with your customers?  Even if only 5% of the phone market is Windows Phones, what would happen if that 5% of your customers went somewhere else?  Do you care?  Do you realize that if you marketed the Windows Phone a little differently that you could surpass ALL other vendors and truly become THE leader in the industry rather than some stuffed shirt with a smile?  Customer service HAS to be number one.  Communications, in this age of communication, is paramount.  Please communicate with your customers.  Or they will be someone else's customers.  And the market is getting more and more competitive daily.


PLEASE, do not post any 'me too' messages here.  Let us see if ATT is actually reading any of this and has any sort of reasonable response.  This is an open request for ATT to respond.  Thank you.

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