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Galaxy Watch Woes!!!!


Galaxy Watch Woes!!!!

Ok, so I got a new LTE enabled galaxy watch last night (ordered direct from Samsung).  I also have a Galaxy S9+ phone (also ordered direct from Samsung, unlocked, not AT&T branded).  I've now spent 3 hours going back and forth to the AT&T store near work, and on the phone with AT&T tech support.  


First they used a blue esim card to provision my watch.  Ok, that worked.  They told me how to set up numbersync.  I tried that when I got back to the office and it gave a strange error.  Called tech support, they came to the conclusion that my phone needed a new sim card.  At the same time, they apparently disabled the esim for the watch  Smiley Sad    Went back to the store, got a new sim card (the old one was almost 7 years old).  Came back.  Factory reset watch.  Sim in watch still not provisioned.  Called tech support again.  This time the person realizes I have an unbranded phone.


I'm then told because I have an unbranded phone, they can't turn on voice over LTE, which is required for numbersync.

The unbranded GS9+ can do VOLTE on ANY OTHER NETWORK!  So why can't AT&T enable it?  And why is it required for numbersync?  


At this point, I'm so frustrated that I just cancelled the new line for the watch.  And i'm very tempted to switch to a different carrier at this point.  I've been a customer of AT&T FOREVER (since the pre-Cingular and Cellular One days of 1992).  How hard is it to make technology work?


Is there any way this is ever going to work with the hardware I have?


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Re: Galaxy Watch Woes!!!!

I feel your pain.  Have the same problem now (had it before with another watch).  I've been going back and forth since December with the reps who have told me that it should work anyway.  Some folks here told me the same thing you are saying about the VoLTE issue.  


So, okay,I tried the obvious fix.  I switched phones to a branded phone purchased directly from the same store I got the watch.  


Still get the same error.  So deduce from that what you will.  



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Re: Galaxy Watch Woes!!!!

When you switched phones, did you have AT&T update your account with the IMEI of the new phone?  I'm told the system uses that in order to enable the volte features.

Personally, I think I'm going to go switch our 3 lines to T-Mobile this weekend and be done with AT&T after 26 years.  And it looks like it will save me about $55 per month too.

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Re: Galaxy Watch Woes!!!!

whoops.... double posted....

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Re: Galaxy Watch Woes!!!!

Yes, of course..  The lines wouldn't work otherwise.    Actually had a store employee do it while I watched.

I also had to set up the watch from scratch again (it somehow lost the eSim settings).

I made the trade (with my wife, who was not happy with me) strictly to test the "must be branded/locked" argument.

As far as I can tell, it is not true or at least not the only issue.  I'll go with not true (because I have been dealing with this for two months and I'm all out of kind thoughts).


Good luck.

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