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who checks people's profile?


who checks people's profile?

Apparently if people like me disagree with the ace professors, that means I am not a uverse subscriber, because I requested the blaze, said one America news is amateur, or complained about channels that I don't like or G4 that still stuck on 2012 and we are still paying for it! To the uverse fanclub, employees, stock holders, I am a uverse subscriber, I am not directtv, dish, comcast, time warner, charter etc! Yes I love my roku, netflix, hulu, amazon prime, google tv! I could care less if hallmark comes back! When I started on this forum, I wanted channels added, now we have too many useless channels! Remember when we lost Scripps networks hgtv, dyi, food network, we alk called att ceo and Scripps ceo, and in one weekend the channels came back! If it took 3 years for me to post, its because I lost my password and I HAVE A LIFE!!! So to the naysayers get a life! turn off the tv and go outside! I know this thread will be deleted by a forum monitor!
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Re: who checks people's profile?

Whoa whoa whoa there.


Although I'm not in the "ACE" category, allow me to respond to your "picking on me" allegations.  Here's the thinking process, and this is what's followed in general on most internet forums:


Multiple posts from a new or inactive account are usually a sign of trolling, pure and simple.  They can be seen as just someone coming into the forum to cause trouble, to instigate a potential negative thread.  Naturally, those who are the most active posters are wary and avoid the posts, and a moderator usually either deletes the posts, or PMs the poster to ensure that their intention is not malicious.  In these forums, although there are AT&T "hall monitors"; they, in general, do not operate that way, in the getting in touch with the poster method of action.  IMHO, most of the one-post "contributors" could be dealt with in that manner, and new threads would not be constantly created where others WITH ANSWERS are already in place.  But that's just me.


If it took you three years to post because of a lost password, it would have been a better option to just create a new identity.  And because of that three year absence -- also because your previous interaction was on ONE thread topic only -- it could reasonably be assumed that you wanted to do exactly what I describe in the paragraph above.


Contributions, as long as they conform to the forum guidelines, are welcome by anyone.  Disruptions of the forum flow -- or anything appearing similar -- will always raise an eyebrow but not only the "ACE" posters, but other regular posters, as well as casual browsers.


If you wish to continue contributing, nobody is stopping you.  However, if you "provoke" people or disregard what others' opinions are, you shouldn't be mad because your feelings get hurt by their response, or unresponsiveness.  Start fresh from this point on.

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Re: who checks people's profile?

anyone can check anyone's profiles.  I admit that I do once in a great while to see if I see trends, such as constant whining, anti-this or that.  Nothing wrong with that, as I disagree lots with AT&T and even other ACEs but I praise when it's called for.  Not a fanboy but not anti-AT&T.  I admit that I do check profiles from time to time to see if I should read or move on. Smiley Very Happy

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