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Utility easement


Utility easement

I am going to buy a house in a brand new neighborhood where construction of houses are still in the process. The house I am buying has a AT&T utility easement post dead-center in the front yard. I am okay with the post as long as they can move it to the property line. Who can I talk to in order to make this happen?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Utility easement

The developer had to work with att reps to place that easement. That would be a good start.


The post probably does not stand alone, but rather marks a line where the faclities can run through. I hope the center of the front yard is at the curb.


If it is a marker for a pole or underground box, they do seem cooperative on placing these at a property line. Or, it may be just to establish the line & access will be places later at the property line.


Good idea to keep up on it with the people doing the work.

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Re: Utility easement

Ask to see the survey plat for your lot/house.  See where it shows the easement.  If the community has a sales office they should be able to provide that to you.  You could also check with the builder too.  Someone has it.


If the post is outside the easement they will need to move it.


Also, when you close on the house it will be one of the documents provided.

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Re: Utility easement

I live in the Town of Smithtown and have been getting the run around about who just surveyed and placed a marker in the front of my lawn. After spending thousands of dollars to replace all landscaping and upgrade the exterior of my home, I can't seem to find out what is the proposed work and what my rights are as the homeowner whom pays taxes on the "questionable easement" and is responsible for property maintenance. This is unfair since no one including the Town Attorney is willing to assist to find out what the footage of the easement is in Suffolk County, NY.
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Re: Utility easement

@Juniperave   No matter who did it, if in the utility easement they will not have to replace anything you placed there already. 


It is well known to not make any improvements in a utility easement as it would be up to the homeowner to bring back it up the way he wanted.  This only to be messed up by the next utility making changes in the easement. Smiley Surprised


Edit:  Sometimes the easement is noted in Deeds and morgage paperwork as it is part of the contract.



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