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Re: Unilimited and More Premium/HBO/UVerse


Unilimited and More Premium/HBO/UVerse

Ok where do I begin. I’ll begin with UVerse. I had the U450 package because of a sports channel that’s only in U450. I wasn’t aware there was an add on sports package with the channel I wanted. I always asked but told there wasn’t and would have to get the Spanish ade on to get the sports channel (beIN sports) if downgraded. So I recently moved into a new house in July and an AT&T rep came by. I had Sprint for wireless at the time so he tried to sell me on switching, which I had been thinking about for awhile since I wanted to lower my UVerse bill. I told him my plight about the sports channel that I watch that wasn’t apart of U300. He called and asked and it turns out there is a sports package add on. So once I was told that I downgraded to U300 and switched my wireless so I could choose HBO since U300 only has showtime and Starz (which i watch) but no HBO and I could care less about Cinemax. 


Now here comes the question.


After I switched to U300 HBO was no longer available, obviously. When I went to the channel I saw an ! Icon and a message saying you are not subscribed to this channel which is what I expected. I have a smart TV downloaded the ATT WatchTV app logged in and boom I got HBO no big deal. But I would say in the past 3 weeks HBO has reappeared on my UVerse TV guide. I can see all the HBO channels. I checked to see if maybe there’s some free HBO promotion going on but I couldn’t find anything and like I said it’s been about 3 weeks since I noticed this so I don’t think promotions last that long. I checked Cinemax to make sure I was still unsubscribed which I am which is what I expected and just to make sure I wasn’t put back in the U450.


Ok now the question: so since I have the unlimited and more premium plan and I chose HBO, did that carry over and reactivate HBO in my uverse channels?


Can anyone else who choose like HBO Cinemax Showtime or STARZ etc...and don't have it in their uverse tv package, see the tv network you choose listed in your channels?


I’m not complaining by any means I’m just wondering if this is how it is suppose to be. I just wasn’t expecting to see HBO available in my uverse channels I thought I would have to stream it to watch it. 

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Re: Unilimited and More Premium/HBO/UVerse

Check the details on the Unlimited Data Plan HERE


It would be wise to check your Uverse account online and verify that you are on the plan you wanted and are not being charged for any add ons.

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Re: Unilimited and More Premium/HBO/UVerse

Already checked. Don’t see any charges on my uverse bill for HBO. Yeah I read that link a bunch of times it doesn’t say anything about adding the tv network you choose to your uverse channel lineup. Although it makes sense for ATT to do that it doesn’t say. 


I am just looking for someone who has the unilimited and more premium wireless plan who picked a certain TV network that they know isn’t apart of the uverse package but yet can see it in their uverse channel list. I can’t be the only person who choose HBO through my wireless data plan and who also has uverse as the tv provider. 

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Re: Unilimited and More Premium/HBO/UVerse

What do you mean what does it indicate?!?

I can use HBO GO with my att login and I can also the ATT WatchTV app. I don’t have a standalone HBO login.

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Re: Unilimited and More Premium/HBO/UVerse

I’ve already done that. I’ve already called att as well to ask them about this and they said it’s working how it’s suppose to. I just wanted to see if anyone else out there is experiencing the same thing.
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