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U-verse TV Down - Troubleshooting and Things To Know From AT&T

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U-verse TV Down - Troubleshooting and Things To Know From AT&T


TV2.5.pngWelcome to the U-verse TV Troubleshooting Hub!

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Below are some helpful articles to troubleshooting your U-verse TV service! If you need immediate assistance, we highly recommend using our Troubleshooting Resolve Tool which allows you to troubleshoot on a mobile device, computer, or TV!



U-verse TV Troubleshooting


DVR/Receivers - Symptoms: Loss of Recordings, Resets, Reboots, Pixelation and Freeze.

Wireless Receiver - Symptoms: Loss of Recordings, Resets, Reboots, Pixelation and Freeze.

Possible Outage - Service down? This article will explain how you can check for an outage.

Learn how the receiver environment can impact service here


Remote Troubleshooting 


Unresponsive Remote -  Learn to quickly resolve your remote woes!  

Remote Programming - Learn how to program your remote.


How to Return U-verse Equipment? 



Check Out The Cool Stuff:

TV Features - What was changed? What was added? 

AT&T Remote Features - What was changed? What was added? 

Getting a new television? Check out this article for some helpful hints when hooking it up!


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Mobility Troubleshooting, Ordering & Billing




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This set top box does not match the account settings
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Why does my tv freeze or go black?  my daughter also has att and the same thing is happening to her.  Att is not a good product.

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