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U-verse TV DVR Audio Outs to Stereo System to Headphones?


U-verse TV DVR Audio Outs to Stereo System to Headphones?

With a standard Motorola DVR box setup (no HD), there's a set of audio outs going from the DVR box to my TV.


But I also want the option of being able to listen to TV audio through headphones instead. I can turn the TV audio off, but my TV doesn't have a headphone out. I do have a stereo amp I can connect headphones to if I can find the best way to set this up.


1.  Should I connect RCA cables going from the 2nd set of audio out L & R on the Motorola to one of my available stereo ins and then listen through that?


2.  Or might it be better to go from the TV audio out to the stereo instead?


3.  Better ideas? Simpler the better. Smiley Happy




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Re: U-verse TV DVR Audio Outs to Stereo System to Headphones?

Just move the current set of audio cables from TV to stereo receiver. Turn tv volume off, reprogram AUX button on uverse remote to control stero receiver.
When desired to listen normally headphone jack unplugged, quietly plug jack into stereo.

1) move audio (red/white) to receiver tv, cab, sat input.
2) turn volume of tv off, turn receiver on, set volume level.
3) program Uverse remote AUX button to control receiver on/off function.

4) program Uverse remote using 955 to tell remote to send volume settings to AUX
5) program Uverse remote using 977 to tell remote to turn on/off ATT, TV, and AUX.

Channel 411 should have remote program video if do not have remote guide pamphlet.

Hope this helps, please post if more questions or this resolves your issue. THANKS

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Re: U-verse TV DVR Audio Outs to Stereo System to Headphones?

Wow, appreciate the detail on that, My Thoughts!  I better clarify the end goal a bit better...


At different times, without changing cabling each time, I would like to be able to:


1.  Watch TV normally, through the TV audio, without having to turn on the stereo;

2.  Watch TV but with audio through the stereo (through speakers or headphones;


Is there a way to do this with proper cabling connections and just using remote buttons?




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Re: U-verse TV DVR Audio Outs to Stereo System to Headphones?

chamlin - You are asking about using a second audio driver to drive headphones. This is the same as the many requests to introduce an AV system to the viewing experience. Perhaps the AV instance is a little more complicated in that it can switch video.

So, in the AV case I always ask which do you want to do - Use the AV device to switch inputs or use the TV as the main selector and "add in" the AV occasionally. In both cases we need to consider muting the unwanted sound. For these two - the first has everything wired to the AV - the second everything is wired to the TV & the AV needs a second audio connection.

I believe you described using the second audio connection & you can do that. Seems like MT was trying to apply the first AV case to audio only. Maybe he was concerned about the quality of the parallel sound connection.

In either case, your original suggestion should work. But, it is not trivial with all the connections and settings.

It always appears attractive to use what you have, but if you want simplicity - look for headphones that transmit IR or wi-fi or bluetooth & plug the base into those extra audio jacks. Then it truly is mute/unmute the TV - put on the headphones or leave them off. Not to mention not being tethered to the stereo.
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