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U-Verse or Direct TV


U-Verse or Direct TV

Which is better? 

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Re: U-Verse or Direct TV

I have had U-verse since January 2, 2018. I have generally been very happy with it. Being a subscriber for over ten years should show you my satisfaction with the service. Reportedly,  I have been told that DirecTV has a better picture, but the U-verse one looks very good to me. The big negative on DirecTV is that one can lose the signal at times during bad weather.


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Re: U-Verse or Direct TV

Like asking which blade steel is best for a knife.... Depends on what you need to do at what price point.


There are pros and cons with any service, a choice is a compromise. 


* DirecTv, 24 month contract, discounts months 1-12, full price 13-24, result spend more 2nd half of contract. Uverse is a 12 month contract, price increases when promotion expires but can call in and work with retentions for another 12 month promotion, discounts not as steep as new customer but not full price as on DTV. 


* DTV has $480 Early Termination Fee (ETF), pro rated $20 for each month remaining. If wish to cancel service after 12 months of discounts (20*12) $240. Uverse IPTV is $180 ETF pro rated $15 per month, if want to cancel after 9 months owe (15x3) $45, after 12 months $0 as long as do not enter another 12 month promotion with another $180 ETF.


* DTV Requires a dish, either on roof, on side of house or in yard with southern exposure, not everyone wants dish or has a good view of sky for signal (trees, other building, etc). Uverse require address to be able to receive FTTN or FTTP service, currently about 38 million addresses (50-55%)


* DTV Receivers are $7 per month. Uverse receivers $10 per month.


* DTV has wireless receiver 25% size of Uverse wireless receivers, smaller footprint where space or exposed equipment is a concern.


* DTV Has RF remotes allowing receivers to be hidden including behind wall mounted tvs. Uverse has IR remotes, must have line of sight or spend more money for IR blasters.


* DTV can copy settings from one receiver to another, with Uverse have to program each receiver independently of others.


*DTV has higher bit rate resulting in better picture quality, although many say Uverse picture quality is better than received from cable company.


* DTV has some 4K content, channels, primarily movies and live sports. Uverse does not and will not (as of now) as cannot support required bandwidth for 4k content and currently  broadcasters are not sending 4K content. 


* DTV has Sunday ticket on Choice and above packages, at extra season pricing after first year. Uverse will not have Sunday ticket, a DTV exclusive till 2022 season (?)


* DTV can be affected by weather. Uverse is hardwired connection where many things can be affecting including animals, people, storms (down lines or moisture in wiring). When Uverse is out no TV or internet, if ATT internet. While if DTV is out still have internet provided internet not affected (loss of power as example) DTV eggs in separate baskets, Uverse eggs in one basket.


* In home DTV techs are primarily contractors, Uverse premise, wire techs are ATT union employees.


There are more pros/cons but these should help point you in the direction best for you.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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