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U-Verse and HBO Go


U-Verse and HBO Go

When trying to sign in to HBOGO, I get a message stating this: "Primary account not yet registered.This is a Sub-Account. To sign in with this account, please register the Primary Account first." I have no sub accounts and have been able to use this service before. What do I do?

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Re: U-Verse and HBO Go

During registration for HBO GO you initially supply the username and password for the account attached to your Uverse account -- the one that you use to sign-in and view your bill.  This is how you get verified between the systems so that you actually *can* use HBO GO -- meaning: you are a paying subscriber.


When you *complete* your HBO GO registration, it asks for you to choose an HBO GO specific username and password which you will use every time you want to log in to their site.


You should always be logging in with the e-mail account that you use to access your bill, obviously, since sub-accounts are not allowed with AT&T.  Per the HBO GO Help section:

Can Sub-Accounts access HBO GO?

If your television provider offers Sub-Accounts, they should be able to access HBO GO. Please note that some television providers block sub-accounts from accessing HBO GO.

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Re: U-Verse and HBO Go

When I originally signed up on HBO Go, I did not use my att email. I used my personal email, as my computer is set up on Chrome. I signed out of the account on accident and now I am unable to sign back in because it says I have not registered the main account and this is my subaccount. How do I remedy this?

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Re: U-Verse and HBO Go

Did you ever resolve this? I'm having the same problem and I can't find anywhere to "register" my s0-called primary account. I never had a problem using HBO Go before. This is stupid. 

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: U-Verse and HBO Go

Not sure this will help, but here is how I resolved this login issue to my new roku streaming stick:


  • Changed my email address on my HBO GO profile to match att.net email. (Not sure this is necessary)
  • Logged out of my u-verse mobile app. (Not really sure this is necessary)
  • Went to the activation website before logging into HBO GO on roku.  It then gave me a window to place my activation code
  • Lastly, I logged into HBO GO on roku to get the code, added to website and all is good

I hope this helps resolve login issues.

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Re: U-Verse and HBO Go

I just got the same message and after checking my At&t account info I had no sub-accounts either. After some frustration (operating from my laptop) I realized that I also had the hbogo app on my iPad, so when I went to log in on my iPad the registration came up and I was able to successfully log on. Now hbo go is working on my laptop as well. For whatever reason, maybe I had tried to log in to hbo go from iPad before the computer, that solved the problem.


So, if you have any other devices you may have tried to log into hbo go from, go check those out.

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