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TV pixellation and stutter New Uverse customer


TV pixellation and stutter New Uverse customer

I just had my ATT Uverse installed last week and have had issues with picture pixellation and picture stuttering since day 1 both on my wireless receiver and wired receiver. The Uverse tech who wired the house used the existing coax from my prior DirecTV and was here no more than an hour. Did he do a horrible job or is this how the Uverse picture is supposed to look! It literally looks like every channel is floating on the screen. I have both receiver connected via HDMI. I've already tried powering all down and rebooting but the picture almost looks worse. I'm seriously thinking of canceling and going back to DirecTV if this keeps up!
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Re: TV pixellation and stutter New Uverse customer

Was this a new service or previous existing such as moved into residence where a previous party had service.


Average install time for 2 TVs with internet will be 2-4 hours. Can it be less, an apartment complex with previous wiring in place, customer move bring own equipment with no education on services. Can also be 6 hours or more with new drop, new nid, new cat5 home run, 2-3 hour wait for outside tech to resolve problems, problems registering service, etc.


Recommend, login, middle of page run the Troubleshoot and Resolve program, any issues found will need a trouble ticket created, service call for another tech visit. Expect to take longer than original install time to be safe. And no your experience is not normal, nor should you be having these experiences, please post again if questions or if resolved.... Thank you.

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Re: TV pixellation and stutter New Uverse customer

This was a new install but used my existing runs from my prior DirecTV service...didint even change the coax splitter, it still says DirecTV. No new drops or Cat5e which i am upset about because I thought that was the best way. It's only been one week since the service was installed and I'm really upset with this new service. I want a tech to come out and redo the install but will I have to pay a fee this time?

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