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TV is sputtering on hot days


TV is sputtering on hot days

I'm not sure if this is the right palce for this question.  Now that summer is here (UGH) we are having the same problem as last summer.  Around noon and later the tv will have sputtering spells.  Besides being annoying, it can't be good for the television.  We had a tech out for another matter last year and he said that the hot sun on our outside connection was causing it. 


Question 1. Is it true that the hot sun on our outside connections can cause reception problems


Question 2   If so, what can we do to stop it


I am also wondering if maybe we have weak cables somewhere in the connections.  It only happens on the main TV in the living room.  I do use coax cable to connect our service to that tv and it goes thru a DVD player and a Laser disc player to get to the tv set.


Question 1   Could the coax cable be the probelm


Question 2   Is it bad to run the service thru so many other devices


Question 3   What is the best kind of cable to use on our connections I'm not up on the latest technology terms, so be kind.  I thought I could use the red/yellow/white A/V cables.  There is a spot for HDMI (?).  I don't know what that is or what kind of cable that would be.


Our TV is High Def, but we don't subscribe to High Def programming.

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Re: TV is sputtering on hot days

Is it ok to use the HDMI cable if I do not subscribe to HD?

Also, we were getting a greenish tint on some of the channels. Could that be from the HDMI cable?

What are the optional RCA type cables called that have the red/white/blue /green?

Yes, HDMI is the best connection for HD TV, when it works. The few problems appear to be not working at all or black screen. It should not cause your red x-problem. That should be DVR, hose wiring, RG or outside wiring. Call for test.

The RCA Jacks are kind of complicated & hard to describe & easy to mix up.

The audio is on the red/white (2 sets). The adjacent yellow is composite video & only for SD. If you are not watching HD you could use this , but it may be tricky to get a full screen.

The three jacks together (red, blue, green) are component video - full HD (analog version of HDMI) no sound. You need to use the red/white for sound.

Green tint is unusual. Unlikely with HDMI. With component could be reversal of cables or one not connected. With CRT TV could be picture tube.

In the DVR set the aspect ratio option to match your TV if connected HDMI or component. If connected composite I think the SD widescreen is best.
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Re: TV is sputtering on hot days

Hey...thanks so much for the play by play on cables.   I found a website that has a section all about the red X.


I really hope that my DVR is not dying.  I HATE THAT!!

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