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TV channel

Why should I have to lose the channels that I'm paying for service we need to get this worked out so that we can go back to watching and just some of the program that we were watching
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Re: Dropping major channel

channel 5 lost in Dyersburg TN, looking to cancel all my services with AT&T

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Re: Louisville Wave 3 Raycom VS AT&T Uverse

I have dropped AT&T...If you call them to question if you will be compensated for the loss of a major Network...all they tell you is if you drop us you will pay a penalty.  I'm going with a local cable, internet and telephone subscription which is less money and they will pay the penalty.  Farewell AT&T...Once my satellite contract is up it's see you later...AT&T SUCKS

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Channel Restoration

Is there any word on the restoration of u-verse channels abc and cbs in the Gulfport, MS being restored?  What number do we call for credit on our accounts since we are not receiving service? 

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Re: Louisville Wave 3 Raycom VS AT&T Uverse

My subscription to AT&T will be cancelled tomorrow afternoon.  Most local cable companies are less money and they will pay any penalty fees up to 500.00.  AT&T you SUCK and for me I'm an educated Consumer and I will not play in  your Sandbox

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Re: Channel Restoration

Since AT&T purchased Direct TV, they're trying to force their customers to switch to Direct TV. They will eventually be doing away completely with UVerse! Pretty lousy way of doing business.
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Re: Louisville Wave 3 Raycom VS AT&T Uverse

People here need to stop complaining and pick up the telephone. Call providers in your area and see what they have to offer. What do you have to lose? A friend of mine just dumped his AT&T services and moved to Spectrum and he absolutely loves it.  He saved a lot of money and they even paid his $170 early termination fee. My contract is up on May 2 and I've already spoken with Wow and Spectrum. Do it people. You have nothing to lose.

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Local new channel is missing

All of a sudden local fox network is missing.  I was told that ATT dropped it.  

WHY?   The only local news that I watch.

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Re: Channel Restoration

TracyScavone wrote:
Since AT&T purchased Direct TV, they're trying to force their customers to switch to Direct TV. They will eventually be doing away completely with UVerse! Pretty lousy way of doing business.

Where did you get this information?  Oh, yeah, Raycom.

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Att not fuling U-Verse contract for channels promised

The fact that ATT did not get their contract with CBS worked out is a violation of the contract with it's customers. We entered into a contract with them for this channel and now it is not available. It is irrelevant that they have 199 other channels, we watch that channel for 91% of our television viewing. If I break my contact with them I am charged a fine or early termination fee. Yet they can not fulfill their end of the contract which included CBS. Most of what we watch is on CBS and it is especially maddening right now because the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is broadcast on CBS and we can not watch it when we paid for this. All customers should be given a full refund for every month that CBS is not available to us. They broke their contract with us.

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Re: Recent Channel Loss - channel 8 which is a major channel

Fox 8 is my major channel especially the 9 pm news as my husband is a contractor & goes to bed early. I have been an AT&T customers for more years than I can remember. You need to do something now about this. Are we going to get a rebate? You will lose many customers doing this. This should have been resolved.

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Re: Losing CBS

It has been brought to my attention that since AT&T took control of DIRECT TV that they have been making a push, even thru means of disruption of WOIO 19 CBS broadcast signals (and others?) on U-verse, resulting in: visual breakups, blacking out picture temporarily and causing voice sync to be poor. All due to the fact that if customers change to Direct TV, it will be more profitable to AT&T. If this is found to be true, I feel this to be morally reprehensible if not criminal, and possibly in some way a violation of FCC rules? [Edited to comply with Guidelines]With the result of consumers being nudged to switch to Direct TV to obtain a full broadcasting lineup. It is good to keep in mind that Clevelanders did not die easily with the removal of a pro-team or loss of a star player and I'm sure homemakers will not be happy with the loss of Soap Operas, let alone CBS Dramas and Comedies. One should think before shooting themselves in the foot!

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Re: Louisville Wave 3 Raycom VS AT&T Uverse

I suggest you view my comments under  "losing CBS" in this site. I'm beginning to feel that the consumer has become a pawn in a larger financial issue in "free marketing" ploys by both AT&T and RayCom Media. It seems these games have been going on for sometime (ie: comments from 2015 listed on that site). Maybe it's about time that the consumer takes action to get what he pays for rather than become a wedge to be played for what could be viewed as "corporate greed " on both sides. Manipulation of one side against the other seems to be the going trend in both politics and marketing and can only get worse for the citizen and consumer. 'We have your interest in mind", We have your back", "Make America Great Again" BUT please "show me the money!"

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Re: Louisville Wave 3 Raycom VS AT

Two things you can do regardless of which TV station you are missing on uverse. Write to the TV station. Address you comments to the station management and put in writing that you want your letter put in the public file.
Every broadcaster has to maintain a “public file” which can be reviewed by ANYONE during business hours. The FCC also reviews this file when it is license renewal time – which every broadcast station has to do every few years.

The second thing you can do is write the FCC, don’t expect a response but be sure to include details about the station you are writing about. Call letters, address and market. Be sure to tell them you have contacted the station management and when and how.

None of this may work but if enough people do it, it will get the station management’s attention.

You can complain to the FCC about AT&T too, but that will have less affect than writing about the station.
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Re: Louisville Wave 3 Raycom VS AT&T Uverse

This is not a solution. During previous negotiations between AT&T and Raycom, all programming was air

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What channel can I watch CBS shows on?


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