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SWRV - Music Video Channel


SWRV - Music Video Channel

On page 8 of the Spring 2011 UGuide, it mentions a new music video channel that will be added along with the Music Choice App on April 1st.  The new channel will be SWRV, and it will available in both SD (channel 501) and HD (channel 1501).  The link below from Wikipedia describes the channel.

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Re: SWRV - Music Video Channel

Both channels are now live.

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Re: SWRV - Music Video Channel

I had to the STB/DVR Reboot to get the music choice app and SWRV channels to show up. Now I can listen to real oldies station Classic Alternative! Thanks ATT for Finally Dumping Urge and bringing back Music Choice!

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Re: SWRV - Music Video Channel

Watching "Level 10" on SWRV now.  Perfect for frequent texters.  Since I'm old and still pay 15 cents per text, I'll let ya'll drive. Smiley Happy


Haven't watched the other programs yet.


At least videos are playing somewhere, somehow.

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Re: SWRV - Music Video Channel

Hey I'm just glad we have a music channel thatv plays music again. Like how MTV use to and then it turned into garbage.

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Re: SWRV - Music Video Channel

And HD option is nice, much bigger picture and louder sound. Smiley Very Happy


Not crazy about the Majority Rules off to the right, though; and the bottom part.  Wish they'd just make it full screen--but that's our TMI/ADHD society. Smiley Surprised

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