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Play station 3 installation


Play station 3 installation

I am having a bit of a problem replacing my old DVD with the play station 3 blue ray.  Where does the blue ray connect with the DVR? Is it through the 3-wire (red, yellow, white) from the blue ray to the back of the DVR? The instructions say to connect directly to the back of the TV.  


Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.  Thanks

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Re: Play station 3 installation

It was the REMOTE.  PS3 works when I use the U-verse remote.

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Play station 3 installation problem RESOLVED

After a number of days of frustration, anger, and screaming, AND the support and encouragement from so many posters, I found that it was the REMOTE that was giving me problems.  I had to go to JustAnswers to talk about my "problem with my TV".  After several different suggestions, the tech had me go to the TV remote and the U-verse remote.  When I used those, the PS3 installation went off without a problem.


My DVR, my TV, and the PS3 are all working well, and I have an easy change form TV to the PS3 and back again.


Thanks  for all the help.  

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Re: Play station 3 installation problem RESOLVED

Glad you got it all setup.  Enjoy.

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Re: Play station 3 installation


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Re: Play station 3 installation problem RESOLVED

That's great that all is working using the remotes for each unit...I saw that you have a logitech remote. I also have one, a Harmony 880. It operates my TV, U-verse box and Yamaha 5.1 audio receiver. IR (infrared) remotes will NOT turn on your PS3 as it is not IR equipped. BUT I do use my 880 to switch from Watching TV to Playing PS3. You can program an "activity" on Logitech remotes to make the TV and audio amp switch to the proper inputs on the equipment and then use the PS3 remote to turn on the PS3 once the "activity" has finished sending the IR codes to the TV and amp.


The way my 880 works is I have to FIRST "watch TV". That turns ON the TV, Amp and Uverse STB, puts the TV on HDMI #1 (where my Uverse STB is) and sets the amp to the TV audio input. Then I select activity "Play PS3" and the 880 will switch the TV input to HDMI #2 (where my PS3 is connected) and change the amps input to the one for the PS3s audio. Then I simply turn on the PS3 with it's remote, and wait for the HDMI to init and viola! PS3 is there! You really have to tinker around with getting the Harmony 880's programming just right. Timing the IR signal is very important. If you don't have enough delay between issuing IR commands to the proper units nothing will happen. You also have to remember to keep the 880 pointed at your equipment until it is ALL on and ready for the PS3 to be turned on with it's remote. It was a real pain to get it right but once I figured out what was happening and how to use Logitech's software to program the remote CORRECTLY, it made life much easier. Now even my wife can use it with success and doesn't have to have me drop what I'm doing to come switch the TV inputs around when she wants to use the Wii to exercise! (Yeah I have Wii too, what a waste)


In short, just play with the Logitech remote's programming when you have time to tweak'll be worth it when you get it right.

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