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Paper TV Guide

I was wondering if someone knows of a paper TV schedule guide for ATT U-verse? My mom is elderly and she really wants one she can read. She cannot operate the guide or operate the physical remote anyone has any suggestions, it would really help!



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Re: Paper TV Guide

No, there is no paper guide provided by U-verse.

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Re: Paper TV Guide

Thanks for answering!

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Re: Paper TV Guide

If she has access to a computer, she can try, or even the AT&T on-line listings.  On a computer, she would be able to adjust the type size to suite her needs.

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Re: Paper TV Guide

This is just a suggestion most cities have a TV section in Sunday paper each week.  While it does not have programming for all channels it does have programming for a lot.  Also while I thing it has gone down the hill you can try TV guide.  They have a lot of the programming for the national cable companies but I think they did away with the guide for your specific city which is why I cancelled my subscription.  They use to be the best TV schedule out there.  You might glance at a copy next tome you go shopping and see if that will help.  Other then that I do not know what to tell you.

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Re: Paper TV Guide

Like I said, my mom is elderly. She knows nothing about computers and cannot even operate the remote. She cannot use any of the functions of the TV or remote without me. She can change the channels with the remote but as of now, she cannot even find which program she wants because of no paper guide. I think AT&T doesn't realize that not having access that way is preventing older citizens and other handicapped individuals access to the features. If there was an option of getting a guide, that might be different. I did check and there is none.

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Re: Paper TV Guide

zoey5552 - 


You & your mother are really in a predicament. Unfortunately, there will, most likely, not be paper listings available from any source.


Titan TV on the web is great, but I realize it adds more complication, making it unusable.


Try some things in U-verse that will simplify the process.


The first thing is hide all the unnecessary channels. This is a time consuming task, but it would allow using the chan up down to scan through only the key channels.


Another way to do this is a flipper remote- easier to program up to 30 channels to allow scanning. Less daunting remote.


The guide can be made more friendly by making the key channels favorites. Then your mother only has to call up the favorites guide. while this should be one button, it is not.


Press enter (bottom right), down arrow, ok. Then off course she has to navigate the guide & exit the guide. Maybe too complicated. Maybe your mother could learn it.


Also, try the arrow buttons surrounding the OK button & the info button. These give info on what is on the channel  & what is on next. The info can be removed with a second press of the info button & the display produced by the arrows goes away after a short timeout.



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Re: Paper TV Guide

zoey5552 - Hope you come back to the forum to see this. Good news /bad news.

Good - Att is introducing improved remote functionality.

Bad - It requires a smart phone, Tablet or ipod touch. While bad for those without one of these devices, it is probably the only way to do it.

There are a number of the apps. I am only going to describe what applies to Apple devices as listed on itunes as U-verse easy remote.

New features -
Click speak & it responds to voice,
Two font sizes - multicolors
Single CC toggle button.
Favorite channel scan.
Paired with STB - Supports multiple STBs.
Sort channel list by channel name.

Note that this post is based only on what appears in the itunes description/ att user manual for U-verse easy remote, but it sure does sound good for a lot of applications.
*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Paper TV Guide

Well, that was no help. I'm like the original writer, I want a paper TV Guide, too. Calling that request "Solved" was not true at all.

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Re: Paper TV Guide

To be honest, that's just not feasible in this day and age. Programming on TV is just too volatile these days(cancellations, moving programs to different nights of the week, et al)  to support a guide printed one-to-two weeks in advance.


I'm told many stations are providing daily XML schedules to the various listings providers seven days a week now, so its entirely possible that even websites are not up-to-date. /frown

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