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One America News Gets U-Verse Berth


One America News Gets U-Verse Berth

From the link below:


Herring Networks said its One America News Network has reached a deal to be launched by AT&T U-verse TV across the country.   


One America News Network will soon join the U-verse channel lineup in the cable news neighborhood on channel 208 in standard definition and on channel 1208 in high definition, the channel said. The broad carriage by AT&T U-Verse will give the independent, conservative news network more than 5 million additional subscribers, the programmer said.   


The startup, conservative-leaning news network (which launched July 4, 2013, and extensively covered the Conservative Political Action Conference this past spring under a sponsorship pact with American Conservative Union), had already obtained a carriage deal with the other big telco-TV provider, Verizon FiOS TV, though the U-verse distribution appears to be wider than the FiOS launch, which has the HD channel in the Ultimate HD package.  


“We’re thrilled to give U-verse TV customers more choices by adding One America News Network to our channel lineup,” Ryan Smith, vice president of content acquisition at AT&T, said in a release. “The network is devoted to providing an independent and dependable source for news reporting around the clock along with commentary, programming and documentaries.”  


“We’re extremely pleased for the support extended by AT&T U-verse in providing carriage to One America News Network. We’re grateful for the broad distribution and the channel placement within the cable news neighborhood next to other leading cable news networks,” Robert Herring senior, CEO of One America News Network, said in the release. “U-verse TV customers will be able to easily find our news channel and we’re confident that our programming lineup of national and international news, interactive talk shows, and current affairs programs will resonate well with U-verse TV customers.”  


U-verse also carries Herring's Wealth of Entertainment, “AWE,” formerly WealthTV, on channel 470 in SD and 1470 in HD.

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Re: One America News Gets U-Verse Berth

oufanindallas wrote:

tommythefish wrote:

One America News Network is hardly unbiased and objective. They are a broadcast news network of the Washington Times which is owned by the Unification Church. The U.C. is headquartered in South Korea and is headed-up by the Reverend Sun-Yut-Soun (sp). The network and the newspaper are both extreme right wing.


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Wrong, they are owned by Herring Networks, which also owns AWE (formerly Wealth TV) and based out of San Diego and DC.  They are partnered with The Washington Times to provide a conservative news network.

BUT .................


IF you're on the "other side" and partnered with, ummm, say, Brian Roberts of Comcast (a 'contributor' to the Prez, including soirees/fundraisers) and his MSNBC, then everything's just hunkey-dorey.


Ummmm...bartender!  What they're having, and make it a double.



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Re: One America News Gets U-Verse Berth

Thanks U-verse for adding One America News. To all the distractors - yea we know it's conservative news - YEA!
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Re: One America News Gets U-Verse Berth

frentz wrote:
Thanks U-verse for adding One America News. To all the distractors - yea we know it's conservative news - YEA!

If it's conservative, it's not news, it's propoganda.

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