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Re: Olympic Soccer/Basketball Channels


Olympic Soccer/Basketball Channels

Will UV be airing the "extra" channels from NBC this year, as they did in '12?  I believe it was on around 1628???  Thanks in advance.  #USA

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‎08-03-2016 12:56 PM

Re: Olympic Soccer/Basketball Channels

The soccer channel is supposed to be broadcasting already (soccer has to begin two days early in order to get the entire tournament finished on time), so try searching the 1600 channels for it.  Note that it may be showing the NBC Sports Network or USA graphics if those channels are showing a game at the same time.


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‎08-04-2016 7:32 AM

Re: Olympic Soccer/Basketball Channels

Olympic Basketball will be on vc 639/1639
Olympic Soccer will be on 638/1638

Olympic Application will be on vc 94/1094 637/1637


Go Team USA!

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