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Re: No BBC America On Demand?


No BBC America On Demand?

Is there really no BBC America or H2 on demand or am I just not finding them? I just switched from comcast and both were my staple on demand options. I am very unhappy with the very poor on demand selection in comparison to Comcast. What is the issue? Why can't the on demand selection be even half of what comcast's was?
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Re: No BBC America On Demand?

There is no comparison to Comcrap, they tied up alot of the OnDemand programming exclusive to them (and other cable systems not in their territory).


ATT is left whatever they can make arrangement on their own.  You are correct there is not at the moment and BBC America or H2 VOD, that may or may not change in the future.


You can go here to request the VOD to be added:


http://uversechannels.att.com/ 😉




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Re: No BBC America On Demand?


We apologize for the inconvenience, but the U-verse Channel Request Site is no longer available. You can always review the channels available for your area on the U-verse TV Listings & Chanel Guide and/or learn more about how to access your U-verse TV channel lineup at our Support Site.

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