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New on demand Format


New on demand Format

The new on demand format is awful!  The boxes look like att is trying to be like the facebook 'likes' which suck anyway.  Those big boxes you are using don't tell us a thing and certainly do not make navigating the on demand list easier, they make it harder.  When I finally do get to a list the font is way to small, the layout gives me a headache and we need to go through far more steps to get where we want to go. Also, when we finally get to a list of shows we now have the title of the episode rather than date it aired. Who knows the show's titles in the right order? NO ONE!! 


Who comes up with these ideas must be on drugs and don't you people trial new ideas with a variety of your population? It seems like you may have had 15 year olds trial it and forget asking adults for their opinion.


"if it ain't broke don't fix it"


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Re: New On Demand GUI is terrible

What a horrible surprise I received this afternoon when I returned home and tried to accessed Att Uverse on demand! It is beyond horrible! There was nothing wrong with the way it was accessed before and I suggest the "improvement" be reversed!! I HATE!HATE!HATE! IT!!!

It is SLOW and extremely hard to navigate!!! I WANT MY OLD ACCESS BACK!!!! THIS IS WORSE THAN XFINITY!!!!  My daughter has Xfinity and I have used it. I was thinking just this morning that I was glad I have ATT Uverse because the navigation on the DVR and OnDemand were so easy!!!

There was absolutely no reason for this change!!! Att Uverse's OnDemand is now a bigger piece of crap than Xfinity! I l l left Comcast 3 1/2 years ago for Att Uverse because I was tired of the poor customer service. Att customer service is still better, but your "upgrade" sucks!!! Good job ATT!!!!

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Re: New On Demand GUI is terrible

Uverse is going to have make changes to the new interface no good comments about it all this was huge mistake like the IRS .
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Re: New On Demand GUI is terrible

If I had to guess, the new format is here to stay. Apparently on Jan 7 2013 AT&T announced an extra cost "U-Verse Screen Pack" effectively to compete with Netflix.


So if you're going to have a Netflix competitor you need a Netflix GUI.


Enter the AT&T programming staff tasked with creating this new interface. I imagine in a lab somewhere with dedicated servers, experimental STBs with extra memory, CAT5 optimized cabling, gigabit internet connections and pocket protectors. Lo and behold, the interface is attractive, fast and mimics Netflix closely. Management says something like " Its been 4 months since the announcement, we need the $5 for the Screen Pack  ROLL IT OUT now".


Now we the unsuspecting customers with central offices, VRADS, 1500' distances from VRADS, bridge taps, telephone copper wire, splitters, coax cabling  and STBs already running with about 75% memory usage dare to complain. LOL







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Re: New On Demand GUI is terrible

One Word to subscribe the New On Demand GUI



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Re: New interface for on-demand

This new system is awful! Looks like the majority can't stand it. It took me forever to search through the movies and categories, and the frigging loading of all. It's like it starts over each time you select something. What's up with all the loading anyway, never had to wait like this before. Why can't things that work be left alone?! Any half wit could tell in a second that this change does not work and is ridiculously flawed. I had to push dozens of buttons to select a movie that normally a few clicks would have brought me right to it. Please change it back to the way on demand was. 

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Re: New interface for on-demand

I got used to it but why so small

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Re: New interface for on-demand

I received the update about 4 days ago so far so good it's not slow here in california and nothing appears to be broken, guess it's just personal preference for some people

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Re: New interface for on-demand

I hate to add a "me too" but [EDIT] gosh darn it, this interface is HORRIBLE. I honestly question the development cycle there. I see what they were going for, but they FAILED MISERABLY. The goal is not more junk (picture, graphics) the goal is more responsiveness. This is the opposite of responsiveness. The fancy UI is not gong to bring new customers, but a bad UI is bound to lose customers. Instead of being fancy, how about using predictive loading for data?

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

I can't find anything on this "new" on demand - not only is it hard to read in the colors they have, but I don't have a clue what those pictures represent.  I can see improving to a better system, but ATT have taken  us back not forward.  It the IT team needs something to work on, tell them to figure out why it takes anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds for my calls to go through after I've dialed the number.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

There should be a link to take it back to the old list version, find it and click OK on it and you should have the old version back. Smiley Wink



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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Locating the view change link is easier said than done..
After initiating on demand the first screen has the on-demand categories on the left (blue column) & no indicator to switch. You must select (OK) any of the categories on the list to get the right screen.

The blue column becomes smaller with three icons -
Circle - this is the toggle for list display & back to the new version,

If you have gone farther into the on-demand process, the thin blue column has only two icons -
- You must use one of these to back into the change icon.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

This new ondemand interface sounds like a pain makes no sense i still have the old model not looking forward to the new model just don't why Uverse will make changes to make it simpler .
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Re: The Uverse update this past weekend sucks. .

Yeah that would be a very big thumbs down, it's so bad I can't imagine how they ever thought that anyone was gonna like it, it takes about 10 times longer to do anything than it use to.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Hate the new format. Who puts out a product these days that is slower and more difficult to use????? We have been happy with our service up til now but will switch back to Comcast if the format is not switched back!
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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Even if you do the list view you dont get series listings by season and episode. How the heck should we know what the episode names are??? And it's still slowwwwwww!!!!!
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